Young woman take bubble bath with candle.

Young woman take bubble  bath with candle.

You won’t find anyone more deserving of pampering than a mom. When you’re ready to give yourself a day of luxury and indulgence, you can’t go wrong including the following four products in your self-spoiling regimen.

1. Luxury Candles

You’ve got to start your pampered day by setting the mood. That means finding candles that emit rich, pleasing fragrances as they give your pampering spot a lovely angelic glow.

Buy a few elegant candlesticks and votive glasses and fill them with scented candles infused with your favorite designer fragrance, or use calming candles made with essential oils to treat yourself to some comforting aromatherapy.

2. Skin-Smoothing Body Scrub

A product like Ari by Ariana Grande Coffee Body Scrub uses the power of the bean to help exfoliate skin and reduce cellulite. This scrub also smells divine, with the scents of raspberries, roses, and musk mixed with other natural ingredients to pamper your nose as well as your birthday suit. You can even use Macy’s coupons from Discountrue to lower that price a bit.

Use the scrub all over, paying special attention to elbows, knees, and feet. When you’re done with the scrub, you might just end up with skin that’s softer than a baby’s cheeks.

3. Stress-Relieving Bath Oil

After your scrub, rinse off in the shower and then treat yourself to a luxurious hot bath. Pour a liberal amount of bath oil or skin-softening bubble bath into the tub before you get in to soak.

Your freshly-scrubbed skin will be all ready to drink up the sweet fragrance and moisturizing goodness of the bath oil, and the hot water will do wonders for sore muscles and frazzled thoughts.

4. Nutritious Hair Mask

Now it’s time to focus on your hair. Use a premium shampoo and conditioner, and then apply a hair mask to make your mane shiny and more manageable. Origins’ Calm to Your Senses Comforting conditioning hair mask is a great choice since you only have to leave it on your hair for 2 minutes to see results.

The lavender oil, Peruvian amaranth, and safflower oils in the Origins hair mask have a calming effect on you and your locks, so both you and your hair will emerge from your pampering session feeling much softer and more relaxed.

5. Gourmet Chocolate

When you’re done feeding your skin and hair all of that delicious hydration and fragrance, splurge a little and nibble on some quality chocolate treats. Whether you choose truffles, chocolate-covered caramels, or just a big bar of cocoa bean goodness, a little chocolate will go a long way toward making you feel special and beloved.

Make sure to buy fair trade, organic chocolate in your favorite form, so the planet gets a little love, too.


Remember: when it’s time for you to take a day for yourself, forget skimping on the necessities. Treat yourself to a few sumptuous products that will make you feel like a queen until the next time you’re able to catch a well-deserved pampering break.