Back to School Savings How you can Double Up on Supplies


Anyone who has ever had to buy school supplies knows that the costs can add up quickly. Teachers today require longer supply lists, and as a parent, you may feel like your family will go broke buying all of those pencils and notebooks. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the cost down, and the supply drawer fully stocked. Use these savings tips to double up on supplies and stay on budget.

Clip Those Coupons

Smart shoppers always keep an eye out for school supply coupons, even when they don’t need them. Coupons usually don’t expire for several months, which means you can hang on to them until you’re ready to make your purchase. Check online for savings you can use in other stores and exclusively online stores. You can find everything from 4inkjet coupons from, and laptop coupons for Best Buy at certain online dealers. Be vigilant in storing your coupons in a safe place. If stored coupons aren’t organized, they can easily be misplaced, or an expiration date may be missed. In the coupon world, disorganization equals lost savings.

Shop the Sales

Planning ahead ensures that shoppers never have to pay full price. School supplies usually begin going on sale during the summer which is a great time to begin stocking up. You might also find that mid-September prices drop again as stores clear out excess supplies. It is not necessary to buy a lot, just the items that are on sale and are sure to be needed. Reviewing the sale circulars in your local newspaper or even online, allows for shoppers to plan their regular trips around sale items. Making a special trip across town for one or two sale items is no longer a great deal if it took a lot of gas to travel there.

Consider Clearance Items

The best times to search these sections is right after a holiday or at the end of a season. Stores often overstock holiday and seasonal items and have a hard time selling them once the season has passed. This is why shoppers should never pass a clearance section without at least checking what items are offered. Overstocked and out of season items are frequently available at a deep discount, allowing shoppers to stock up for a fraction of the cost.

Combining all three of these tactics is the best way to save big while stocking up. Waiting to use coupons until the item is on sale is a great way to maximize savings, especially when looking to stock up on school supplies. If an item is on sale for half off, shoppers would be smart to purchase two or more of the item. This way, you’re not spending any extra, but are getting twice the product! Adding a coupon into the sale provides even greater savings, as stores often allow multiple coupons to be used in this situation. Different stores can have very different policies regarding coupons, so it is always a smart idea to obtain the policy from the store before shopping.