New Baby Savings Tips

Being a first time parent is full of joys, challenges, excitement, and expense. Deciding what the best purchases are can be difficult and overwhelming at times, but there are definitely a few items you can forego while perusing the pastel pink and blue aisles at your local baby boutique or big box store.

Until your little bundle of joy is walking, or at least thinking about walking, shoes are a completely unnecessary expense. Baby shoes are tiny and cute, but quite expensive for a little one that will likely be carried everywhere they go for the first year of life. Socks will provide enough protection for those first few months.

Formula and Bottles
Breastfeeding, if possible, can save new parents thousands of dollars annually. Unless you know that you will be unable to nurse your baby, it makes great financial sense to do so. Even if you have to, want to, or plan to use bottles with formula or pumped milk, it is best to only buy one or two of a few brands until you know what your baby likes. Investing in a large supply of expensive bottles that your baby may refuse anyway is a sure way to waste money.

Fancy Bedding
Elaborate bed sets with matching quilts, pillows, and bumpers are not only extravagant, but can actually be quite dangerous. Doctors recommend that babies use only a light weight wearable blanket and avoid any heavy blankets, pillows, or stuffed toys to avoid risk of suffocation. These matching bedroom sets can often cost a couple hundred dollars and will likely not get used for more than a few years.

High End Baby Monitor
High end baby monitors make all sorts of claims to new parents. In reality, the best baby monitors, no matter how expensive or elaborate, will not prevent SIDS. Investing in a good quality basic monitor will be more effective and less expensive.

Extensive Designer Wardrobe
You will be dressing a baby, and babies spit up, slobber, and poop. You will also be undressing and changing diapers multiples times every day. Avoid spending big money on any designer clothes for your baby. Keep the wardrobe basic. Most days you will likely dress your baby in comfortable play clothes. Choose a few special outfits for pictures and holidays.

Changing Table
Many parents fall into the trap of feeling the need to buy an expensive changing table, but it’s definitely not a necessity. Purchasing a quality waterproof changing pad is sufficient for most diaper changes.

Having a new baby can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Avoid common money traps, shop around, and use coupons for the necessities. Certain sites online now offer new parents deals like 30% Off coupon codes for, so be on the lookout for these kinds of steals. Keep in mind, many people receive gifts from friends and family, so it is best to put off most purchases until after most of the gifts have been given.