Simple Things You Can Do At Home For A Fun-Filled Summer With Kids

For parents who are planning on spending the summer at home with their kids, it can be daunting to think of how to keep everyone busy during the day. Instead of resorting to video games or TV, it’s important to remain creative and stay cool in the warm weather. Fortunately, there are a few simple activities to enjoy for a fun-filled summer that will create a handful of memories.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

A simple way to stay cool in the heat is to host a water balloon fight in the backyard. Fill the balloons with cool water and keep the activity on the grass for a fun way to have fun in the sun and stay safe. You can also get more creative by playing games like water balloon volley ball with towels.

Get an Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool will allow children to invite their friends over and play pool games and practice their swimming skills. Above ground pools can be both affordable and beautiful, say the professionals at Hallmark Pool Supplies. You don’t have to change the anything to your yard to have a place to swim at home, and the kids can enjoy the water without a trip to the community pool.

Host a Talent Show

Allow the neighborhood kids to have fun together by hosting a talent show in the yard. You can elect a few kids to judge each act and even award prizes to the winners for a great way to encourage their creativity.

Create a Chalk Mural on the Sidewalk

Kids can keep busy by brushing up on their artistic skills with a mural that can be drawn on the sidewalk. Provide a few buckets of chalk for an easy way to keep everyone busy for several hours in the front of the yard. It can be easily washed off with water for a fresh start another day.

Have a Lemonade Stand

Encourage the kids to make extra money by having a lemonade stand for cars that pass by. They can learn how to set up a booth, learn a classic lemonade recipe, and even market their brand to those in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to keep them busy and also understand business lessons.

Make a Slip-in-Slide

Another way to cool off from the summer heat is by using a slip-in-slide for a fun way to get wet on the grass. Simply place a tarp down and wet it down with the garden hose for an easy way to spend time outdoors at a low cost.


Instead of spending money on video game consoles and amusement parks, keep the kids busy during the summer with simple methods that will shape their childhood memories. By getting creative and sticking to the basics, you can avoid feeling drained at the end of each day until the school year arrives.




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