6 Unused Household Items That Can Make You Money

If you’ve ever needed a bit of extra money at the end of the month or just would like to free up some cash, you’re probably wondering what the best methods are. Fortunately, there are often household items in your home that can be immediately sold for quick funds. Here are just a few things that can bring in money right away.

1. Clothing

Few people know that their old clothing can often fetch good money in the vintage fashion trade. Whether online or in person, companies such as Buffalo Exchange and smaller specialty thrift stores will often pay around 1/3 of the sale value of good quality clothing, and some stores even specialize in vintage name brands. That fancy coat of your grandmother’s may just fetch a good price!

2. Furniture

Furniture that isn’t being used in a home is often a great source of money because it is so useful to potential buyers, and selling furniture on sites like Craigslist will often find buyers who are looking for a deal around their town or city. If you have some old, well-made pieces or fashionable items made from high-quality wood, there is a good chance that someone will want to buy them for a tidy sum.

3. Musical Instruments

Even the most basic musical instruments will fetch a decent amount of money because of new learners looking for something to learn on. The old acoustic guitar or violin you’ve had collecting dust in the attic will appeal to a new player because of the need for something cheap and easy to practice with, so don’t be afraid to post an ad online for instruments you’re not using!

4. CDs and DVDs

Many people have extensive CD and DVD collections, and often these stores are full of music and movies that no longer appeal to the owner. You can find businesses like www.Decluttr.com who specialize in buying used CDs and DVDs, and you can fetch a sizeable price for your collections. 

5. Sporting Goods

Sporting goods are great items to sell because they are durable, portable, and often maintain their value. A set of golf clubs or tennis rackets, or an old canoe or kayak, can bring in a decent amount of extra money on Craigslist or eBay.

6. Old Jewelry

If you’ve ever had old jewelry around the house that you don’t have a use for, try taking the items to a local jewelry store. Employees will often help you determine the value of each piece and make an offer to buy goods made from materials such as gold or silver. It’s a great way to free up extra cash, and many items are more valuable than we initially realize!


For these reasons, freeing up some money quickly by selling old household items doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the process is so easy that it’s a wonder we hold on to old items for so long. Above all else, enjoy the process of discovery!