UPDATE: I am no longer selling Jamberry Nails. The links in this blog post should take you to someone that can help you, though. 


Jamberry Nails are Fabulous Nails

I love a good manicure! But, it’s been my experience that a cheap manicure doesn’t necessarily equal fabulous nails, that is until I found Jamberry Nails! I can’t stand acrylics because I end up peeling them off when one breaks or starts to lift and they destroy my actual nails every time! Plus, they are really expensive, especially if you are looking to maintain them – and, I type for a living, long nails just don’t work for me! But, I love having my nails look nice!

I could talk for hours about all of my crazy attempts at using nail polish. Let’s just some that up with the fact that I’d end up claiming my daughter helped me paint my nails! What a mess! And my right hand? I might as well have said I fell into a bucket of paint! I used to buy those nail polish strips often and, don’t get me wrong, I do like them but they chip pretty quickly and let’s not even talk about the nail polish fumes coming out of that package when you tear it open! Plus, once you open the package you’ve basically killed the strips – have a nail go awry and there’s nothing left to reuse. Plus, they are expensive. Fast forward to Jamberry Nails! The Jamberry wraps are literally little amazing style strips at your fingertips!! Plus, there’s no dry time, no damage to your natural nails, they last a long time, and they are non-toxic so they are perfect for kids!! Speaking of kids, check out the Mommy and Me line while you are browsing my site!! Oh, and super bonus? There are over 300 nail wrap designs to choose from!

Host a Party, Get Free Jamberry Nails

Fashion and fun at your fingertips! Host a party and earn free nail wraps, product credit, discounts, free shipping and host exclusive items!


Learn more about hosting a party here. I especially love doing Facebook parties!! If you’re interested, go ahead and book a party! Even if we live thousands of miles apart, we can still party together – in our pajamas!


Need a fundraiser? Consider hosting a fundraiser party and instead of earning hostess rewards Jamberry will donate 10% of the party sales to your choice of charity or organization!

Jamberry Nails Giveaway

Help me get the word out about my new business and be entered to win a free sheet of Jamberry Nail wraps!!

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Make Money With Jamberry Nails

So, you may already know that my house is home to eight humans and two dogs. That’s a lot of ground beef and dog food to buy! One of the reasons I became and independent consultant with Jamberry Nails was to help boost our income! I couldn’t really afford to spend a ton on personal care products, this way I get to keep my nails fresh and looking good while also having a little extra money!

Dreams of success, flexibility, rewards, and more are at your fingertips!

Once you begin your path to success you’ll receive a wealth of business tools, one of the best compensation plans in the industry, online resources, and all kinds of support customized for you and your individual business.

Jamberry gives you everything you need to launch a successful business in your starter kit! You can even get it half price if you host a qualifying party!


Party package vs Starter Kits

This kit contains more than $199/C$240 worth of product and business supplies including: catalogs, sample cards, brochures and much more.

  • 50 Catalogs
  • 25 Brochures
  • 100 Order Forms
  • 1 Tear Away Pad – Application Instructions
  • 1 Tear Away Pad – Contact Us
  • Rubber Cuticle Pusher
  • 50 Orange Sticks
  • 5 Nail Files
  • Mini-Heater
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Consultant Guide
  • 3 Buffers
  • 3 Sets of Scissors
  • 50 Sample Cards
  • 1 Sheet of Jamberry Nails
  • Credit to Order 3 Sheets of Nails of Your Choosing
  • 3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website

Jamberry Nails offers one of the best compensation plans in the industry! You’ll also earn free marketing and business supplies, product credit, and the possibility of traveling to incredible destinations.



How much does the average pedicure or manicure cost? Have you ever tried Jamberry nail wraps? What was your experience?

58 thoughts on “Cheap Manicures? Fabulous Nails! I’m Now an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails #Giveaway

  1. I’ve never used jamberry, but I need to. I’m left-handed and when I attempt to paint the nails on my left hand with my good-for-nothing right hand, it’s bad. Real, real bad.

  2. I have heard of Jamberry many times throughout the years, but I would not use it. I don’t pay to have my nails done, I like to do it myself as a hobby.

  3. i swear everyone I know is jam berry obsessed! Maybe one of these days I will get around to seeing what all the hype is about

  4. I love jamberry! I have about 25 sets I still have yet to use! They are great even my girls love when I do their jamberry! We have girls nice and do our nails!

    1. If I had that many sets and girls I’d totally do a Jamberry birthday party!! All of their friends would LOVE having their nails done and they are non-toxic and have no dry time so they are perfect for kids!

  5. I’ve never tried Jamberry nail wraps yet or any nails wraps for that matter. They are so pretty though. I would love to try it one of these days.

  6. Your nails look awesome! They almost look Frozen-inspired! I was wondering if maybe they were!

    1. Jamberry actually looks really great on short nails!! My son’s girlfriend has a bad habit of peeling hers and so she had to apply to super short nails and they look awesome! They also help keep her from peeling her nails now!

  7. I have no idea what any of these services cost because I have never had them done. Sounds like a great giveaway though!

  8. I absolutely love the muddy girl pink nail wraps. I have some muddy girl shirts that would look great with the nails.

  9. I think that my wife would love the BERRY SPARKLER. She really likes to have her nails done.

  10. I love so many, but I think my favorites at the moment are Clowning Around, Flourish, and Mint Green and Gold Stripes.

  11. Good day. I’m a nail technition from South Africa. Where can I purchase your product? Or what do I need to do sell your product here.

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