bathroom counters

One of the most used rooms in the home can also become the most cluttered, especially when two people share the space. A common area that can become disheveled are the bathroom countertops, which are often used on a frequent basis when getting ready or heading to bed. Women tend to leave their makeup out while men can forget to put their hair products away. To keep the bathroom counters organized, there are a few steps to practice for a tidy space.

1. Use Baskets for Like Items

From hand towels to combs, there are several items that can easily become cluttered or tossed into drawers in the bathroom. Use small baskets for like items for an easy way to categorize the products and make them easy to find.

2. Keep Makeup in Clear Containers

Lucite containers are chic and sophisticated for a convenient product that will beautifully display cosmetics. Use a lucite container that has stacked drawers for an easy way of holding lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, primer, and makeup brushes. It will also make it easy to find a specific item without digging through drawers.

3. Hire a Cleaning Service

An easy way to keep the bathroom counters organized is to hire a cleaning service every week or two to wipe down the surface, mirror, and sink. Consult the services of Maid Brigade Cleaning Services or a local housekeeper to organize the space throughout the month to keep it in shape.

4. Hang Hair Tools

Instead of allowing the cords of hair tools to become tangled in drawers or under the sink, hang them on the wall next to the counter for an easy way to find what you need. It will make it easier to reach for a hair dryer or flat iron in a matter of seconds while also displaying it in an organized fashion.

5. Use a Lazy Susan for Products

Instead of digging through different bottles just to find your hairspray or lotion, use a lazy susan for products that you use each day. A lazy susan will allow the bottles to stay grouped together and make them easy to find.

Instead of allowing your bathroom counters to become cluttered with an abundance of tools and products, it’s possible to keep it tidy each day without going to extreme lengths. With the right methods taken, you’ll be able to enjoy getting ready or prepping for bed without the stress of a cluttered mess.