High School Senior How to Balance Your Last Year

While there are numerous and exciting occasions in a young person’s life, one’s high school senior year can be particularly dynamic. A high school senior year typically marks the transition from youth into the realm of adulthood, and oftentimes is populated with fun events such as proms, ring ceremonies, and graduation. Although one’s high school senior year can be quite exciting, it can also be rife with activity and therefore overwhelming. To ensure that you maintain a healthy balance during this important period, be sure to use the following strategies.

Get Help With Your College Applications
One of the reasons high school students tend to experience a great deal of stress is that they’re anxious about whether they’ll be admitted to the college of their choice. Don’t let this issue phase you! Instead, increase the likelihood that you’ll get admitted to the university of your dreams by having a learned counselor or teacher provide you with assistance in the college application process. You can also go to a College Start Online that can connect you with college admissions expert and get you started with writing those introductory essays.

Although this strategy may seem strange or obvious, it shouldn’t! At this point, only half of Americans exercise, and those that do aren’t necessarily doing so on a consistent basis. Yet exercising is immensely important, and for many reasons. One of the reasons that exercise is important results from the fact that it boosts the immune system and also releases a “happy hormone” called serotonin that induces feelings of calm and joy. Because of the stress that often coincides a student’s senior year, maintaining this emotional balance will be particularly important. Give yourself time to breathe and take care of your body at a time when stress is all around.

Spend Time Alone
Oftentimes your senior year seems like a big social hour. From proms, to ditch days, to graduation parties and more, a student’s senior year can be rife with social activities that may leave you feeling overexposed and stretched thin. Be sure you’re taking time to be by yourself. And while you’re alone, consider the great value of therapeutic activities such as journaling or meditating. Give yourself time to study as well. Senior year definitely doesn’t let up with the homework or tests, so make sure you are keeping up with your grades as well as all the extracurricular.
If your senior year is right around the corner, congratulations! This will likely be one of the most fun and fulfilling seasons in your life. However, it’s important you remember to strike a balance during this exciting time. To ensure that you can accomplish this objective, be sure to implement the strategies outlined above. Good luck!