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Do you want to improve your home, but don’t know how or where to start? In the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule, our homes often get cluttered, run-down, and abused. You can end up feeling like you are trapped in your own home when things feel like one big mess. Aside from good storage and organization, one way to make your home more comfortable is to make improvements that make it feel lighter, brighter, and happier. Fortunately, transforming your home from ordinary and dull to bright and inviting doesn’t have to break the bank or be labor intensive. Here are a few suggestions to help you on your quest to let the light in and love the feeling of being at home once again:

Go a Shade Lighter

While deep paint colors on the walls can evoke a fashionable and modern look, they can also box in a room, making it look and feel smaller. Even if your walls aren’t a dark color, you can repaint in a color that is one or two shades lighter. This small adjustment will open up the room, making it feel bigger and more airy. If you have a dull room that needs a little rejuvenation, you can set a lively tone with light pastels and other bright hues.

Utilize Plants

Decorating your home with a few potted plants makes the statement that life thrives here. The natural hues and textures add visual interest and act as natural air purifiers. With self-watering planters available, plants are easier than ever to maintain. Whether you enjoy potted plants, fresh flowers, or even fake flowers, bringing a little of the outdoors into the house will make it feel more lively and fresh.

Use Furniture with Curves

Straight lines and pointed edges feel harsh, but curved furniture creates a soft and inviting environment. If you want to take your home to a cozier level, curved chairs, tables and couches are the way to accomplish it. If you have any awkward, unused areas that have bothered you for too long, a curved armchair or other appropriate piece is the perfect filler.

Update Your Entryway

Since the entryway gives guests their first impression, sprucing up this area is a must for a happier home. For a simple solution, position a large mirror along the entry, which will reflect light. Professionals who specialize in major renovations in Peterborough suggest that you add glass panes in and around the front door in order to let in extra light that will brighten up the entryway. Add a skinny accent table topped with a vase of fresh flowers to add a welcoming sweet scent and color to the room.happy home #2


When a room is crowded, it can appear dark and dreary. Give your home an airy feeling by decorating with minimalism in mind. Take a look at your space, and remove any unnecessary pieces of furniture, or cut back on overpowering wall decor. This simple trick will open up the area and make it feel brighter. Whether you scale back on furniture, implement new storage units, or trim down overwhelming décor, a simple approach to décor will make your home feel bigger than it actually is.

Utilize Natural Light

If you want your home to feel more open and airy, take advantage of the natural light that shines into the home during the day. Ditch the thick, dark window treatments, and opt for wispy drapes, light-colored shades, and window treatments that don’t block out light. By letting more natural light into the home, you can break free from the dark and dreary feeling that often comes with heavy drapes or thick blinds.

happy home #3

If a happier home is your goal, just a few simple adjustments will go a long way to achieving your mission. Find additions that make you happy, and get rid of any extra clutter around the house. Implement soft colors, let in natural light, and ditch the bulky, heavy items that eat up space and drag down your décor. Your home will soon be a haven—a comfortable place that you actually want to be!