Snowed In How to Make Your Snowday More Adventurous

Sometimes, even the best snow plows and snow blowers can’t clear out what the blizzard left on your doorstep, or it may just be that day you can’t get you’re snow equipment repaired and you’re forced to stay home. When winter wins it can seem like there’s nothing left to do but curl up on the couch. But snow days don’t have to be tedious and dull. Instead, have an adventure with your nearest and dearest. Get your kids and teens excited about the outdoor weather with these tips.

Get Outside
Unless the snow is piled up high, it is often worth it to grab a Hitch City snow plow and dig out just enough to have some fun. Snow ball fights, snow forts, and snow angels are a great way to pass the daylight hours, and you will find this is a great way to build memories with the people you love. Keep a laundry hamper by the door for wet clothes and nuke up some hot chocolate as soon as you get back inside.

Play Pioneer 
One great activity for kids who have spent all of their lives surrounded by wireless technology and smartphones is to step back in time. Turn off the electronics, light some candles, and show the kids how people used to live. Card games, storytelling and crafts can make the evening an interesting departure from what your kids are used to. Have them imagine how they would survive a harsh winter as a pioneer in the Wild West.

Do Some Baking
If your household has been busy over the last few weeks, it is easy for your home to just feel a little musty. Why not turn a snow day into an excuse to do some baking? Choose some easy recipes you know the kids are going to love, and teach them how to help. Even a little child can be shown how to stir a batter, and older kids will get a kick out of cracking eggs and measuring ingredients.

Tell Each Other Stories
Most kids love stories, especially when they are allowed to tell them. Sit in a circle and tell stories to each other. One great storytelling game is Big Liar, where each person tells two stories, and then the rest of the group has to decide which story is true and which is a lie. Everyone who guesses correctly gets a point. The game goes until everyone has had a chance to tell stories, and the winner is the person with the most points.

When you are snowed in, try to look at it as an opportunity. You are in a home surrounded by the people you care about. Think about how you want to spend the day, and how you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

 Do you have any fun snow day tips or games?