Tough Love How Far Should Parents Really Go

Some parents don’t know what to do with their children when it comes to discipline. They might have children who are unruly in school or who make poor decisions when they are with their peers. One way is tough love, but there are limits as to how far parents should go with the technique. 

Being Parents Instead of Friends

There are parents who are concerned about their children, especially their teenagers, not thinking they are cool enough to be around. They want to be friends with their children instead of showing them how to make the right decisions in life and how to deal with consequences of certain actions. Parents should realize that it’s alright to discipline their children. They will learn through the discipline shown and likely love their parents even more for showing them the right ways of life. 

Tough Enough

Tough love is when you make the decision not to put up with any of the destructive actions of your child no matter what it takes. Some parents will take away everything the child owns so that they have nothing to do except sit in their room all day and think about their actions.

This is something minor compared to what parents could do about the decisions their children make. When children skip school, drink, steal or do drugs, parents can show tough love by grounding the child and making sure they don’t go anywhere for a certain amount of time.

Another option is for parents to call the police and report their child. This is a way of tough love that could go a little too far. Some children will make mistakes and learn from them. A criminal record can hinder a child getting scholarships or even getting into college. 

Before parents consider reporting their child to law enforcement or refusing to support the decisions made by other methods, they should think about how it will affect the future of the child. Parents can discipline in a loving way instead of taking everything away from the child or punishing the child by contacting law enforcement when a mistake happens. 

Tough love! Do you or don’t you?


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  1. Great little article. It definitely makes sense to show some tough love on your growing kids as it is those lessons that will stick with them. If one doesnt show some tough love and always bails their kid out of their messes, they won’t learn to handle themselves. Thanks so much for sharing!

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