ButeauFull Chaos 2014 Holiday Gift Guide COVER

The ButeauFull Chaos 2014 Holiday Gift Guide is Now Available!

I’m so excited to announce the completion of my 2014 Gift Guide! I’ve been working on this for a while now and I hope that you’ll find plenty of great gift ideas! 

I’ve been noticing Christmas music in the stores, and a ton of ads on TV for holiday shopping. It really IS that time of year already, isn’t it?! 

Download the ButeauFull Chaos 2014 Holiday Gift Guide in a PDF! While you can easily preview the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide in my SlideShare below, the easiest way to flip through the guide is with the PDF file. It’s cleaner and ALL the links work. Technology is so helpful most of the time, isn’t it? 

 Chat with me! Did you find anything special in the ButeauFull Chaos 2014 Holiday Gift Guide? Is there a special something on your Holiday List not in the guide? What else? I’d love your feedback since this is my first year putting together a gift guide for the blog! 

48 thoughts on “The ButeauFull Chaos 2014 Holiday Gift Guide is Now Available #GiftGuide

  1. Great list of gift ideas, I love the ideas with subscriptions. Because when Christmas is over, you still get little surprises in the mail!

  2. Thanks for sharing the gift guide! These are some awesome gift ideas and considering I am the least creative person when it comes to giving gifts, I’ll definitely be using some of your ideas.

  3. How cool to have put the gift guide into PDF for people to view, I need to learn to do that! These all look like great ideas 🙂

  4. This is awesome. I love this idea and makes it so much easier to shop I think. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m loving all of the gift guides I’m coming across lately. I literally find ideas from all of them that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t of seen them.

  6. Very nice gift guide.Looks like you pit a lot of work into it and I love the suggestions!

  7. I would love to have a new Zoku maker! Unfortunately we’ve had two and they’ve both gotten broken in moves. Love them though.

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