6 Simple Steps to Remove the Stress From Moving

Moving to a new home can be exciting. It can also be very stressful. Many things need to be done in order to make the move a success. Some things might not go as planned. Six simple steps will help to take the stress out of moving.

Start Packing Early

The first step is to start packing as early as possible. You should start packing anywhere from one to two months before moving day. This lets you slowly pack things at night and on weekends instead of having to rush to get everything into boxes in just a couple of days. 

Have a Detailed Plan and Timeline

Knowing what you need to do will take away much of the stress of moving. Write down a detailed plan and timeline. List everything you need to take care of in sequential order. If things start to feel overwhelming, then you can look at the list to see what you need to do next.

Keep Your Essentials in a Separate Bag

You do not want to pack everything away. Pick a bag or piece of luggage to use for your essentials. You can put things in the bag like toiletries, medications, important papers and even some food. A bag full of essentials means you will be more comfortable and less stressed.

Hire Professional Movers

Planning the logistics for an entire move without help is always going to be very stressful. You can relieve most of your stress by simply hiring a moving company like Jia Jia Intl Moving Inc. A moving company will take your stuff away and deliver it directly to your new home. Some movers even have additional services like packing, unpacking and storage.

Keep Your Schedule Open

The last thing you want is to have appointments scheduled during moving day. Keep your schedule open. Take off from work. Cancel any unnecessary appointments. This will remove the stress of trying to move while you are running all over the place attempting to keep appointments or work.

Leave Kids and Pets with Friends

Kids and pets can sometimes get in the way on moving day. It can be stressful keeping track of children or making sure that pets do not run outside the home or trip the movers. It is better to just leave kids and pets with friends, family members or neighbors.

A stressful move can lead to a number of problems like lost boxes or fights with family members. You want to always remember to leave yourself as much time as possible to move and ask for the help of professionals. With extra time and a little help, your move will be less stressful.


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