6 Home Security Tips for Women Living Alone

The world we live in can be a dangerous one. You can never let our guard down. Otherwise, you risk becoming a victim. This is especially true for women who live alone. Women need to take certain precautions in order to preserve their own safety. Following the simple tips listed below could literally be the difference between life and death. Let’s take a look at some things women living alone can do to protect themselves:

1. Cell phone

If an intruder should break into your house, a cell phone can not only save your life, it can alert the authorities in time to arrest the perpetrator. Nowadays, most people have cell phones. The important thing is to keep your phone close to you at all time. For most women, this will not be a problem. Have 911 on speed dial, as well as the numbers for the fire department, police and a friend or relative who lives in your area. Finally, be sure to always keep your phone charged.

2. Locks

There is less of a chance of someone breaking into your home if you have locks that are strong and secure, such as the ones sold by Babb Lock & Safe Co Ltd. If your locks are rusted and old, they can be broken by criminals more easily. You should have a deadbolt installed on every door and keep them locked at all times, even when you are home. Never open your door for anyone until you have identified who the person is. 

3. Floodlights

Criminals generally stay away from areas with a lot of light. This is especially true if they are trying to break into a home. Women should install floodlights which are turned on by motion sensors. If a criminal approaches your house, the lights will automatically turn on, illuminating the criminal for all to see. If this happens, he will leave immediately and find a property with no floodlights. 

4. Alarm system

An alarm system is essential for all women living alone, especially those living in high crime areas. Make sure you have signs posted outside in several locations which clearly indicate the property is protected by an alarm system. These act as an excellent deterrent against possible break-ins. The alarm system will have a panic button that you can press in an emergency. If the panic button is pressed, police will immediately be alerted and sent to your home.

5. Ask to see ID

If a person comes to your home and claims to work for a utility company, ask to see their ID before you allow them to enter your home. Criminals have been known to use fake uniforms to commit crimes. Also, do not let them in until you can have someone come over so you are not alone.

6. Pepper spray

If a person does get into your home, you need a way to defend yourself. Pepper spray is a good way to do that.

Following these tips can help you avoid becoming another statistic. Criminals want easy targets. If they see you are prepared and you are not going to make it easy for them, they will pass you by. Being prepared can help to keep you and your property safe from the bad guys.


5 thoughts on “6 Home Security Tips for Women Living Alone

  1. Make it a routine with the kids when they are young. Doors locked? Windows locked? Alarm on? Yes? Ok, let’s go!

  2. I agree that you should have pepper spray on hand. I think as long as you aim well, this will usually deter a burglar. I have seen pepper spray guns, which help make it easier to aim.

  3. I like your tips to have good locks and lighting around your home. Some criminals just want an easy way in, so having small security measures like a good lock can go a long way to preventing unwanted entries. I’ve also heard that just having signs in your hard saying that you have a security system set up can help prevent break ins, since your home has the appearance of being protected. Thanks for the article!

  4. As a woman who lives alone, I really appreciated these tips. I wouldn’t have considered getting an alarm system because of the cost. But, I can see why it would be important especially because the signs posted outside your home will deter criminals.

  5. A very informative share…..

    A mindful post… this post is like a guide for many housewives and aged people who stay at home and might have to face unexpected attacks of burglars, thieves or intruders…. To deal with them, it is mandatory to have something that can help you stay protected and keep other family members as well.

    I specially liked the pepper spray point.. because it’s imapct will remain for a longer duration of time.

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