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specialty doors

Specialty Doors?

Yes! Specialty doors! I need them, I want them and I’m gonna get them! Well, today I’m going to start browsing them for a couple of home makeover projects I’m working on. It’s seriously never ending with this 124 year old house!! On the agenda for 2014? Gut and overhaul master bathroom, pull out cabinets in very small room/hallway between bathroom and kitchen downstairs and install a fully enclosed floor-to-ceiling pantry (can you say specialty doors?), install vinyl siding on the house, tear down old small deck and build a newer, safer and slightly larger one and start replacing the windows one by one.

It’s a tall order but we can do it! It’s amazing how far we’ve come already! In fact, today my sister-in-law who I don’t see often, even though she lives in town, mentioned that she was driving by almost daily while my husband and I tore down our giant front porch and built a smaller, much safer one. She said, “It was so admirable, seeing the two of you out there every day working on such a big project alone.” I chuckled and said “Haha, but you couldn’t hear us cursing!” No, we worked well together, really!

For our new bathroom I’m seriously considering omitting the tub completely. In it’s place, I’m dreaming of a full size shower with double shower heads. Marble wall tiles. Sighhhh. I’m already in love. Check out some of their beautiful shower door systems! Specialty doors also has some pretty modern looking bathroom accessories to go with the new faucet I have ready to install. I’m also looking at replacing our pocket door for the small bathroom with one of their Accordion doors. 

Do You Need Specialty Doors?

Does your home or apartment need some sprucing up in the New Year? Or do you have rooms that could use some new doors or hardware on the doors? A home office maybe or a large hallway that could use some dividers? What about sliding partitions for privacy?

There are many things you can do to your home with new doors or unique door hardware. New doors and hardware can instantly enhance your home’s interior appearance. It can also increase your home’s resale value and add a unique touch to any space. What could you do with your space?

About Specialty Doors: 

Large doors, sound proof doors, hidden doors, interior barn doors, sliding doors, temporary doors, Specialty Doors has them all. Specialty Doors specializes in special door solutions for home, office, buildings, basements, pantries,  and so much more. Specialty Doors also sells unique hardware and handles for doors, showers, bathrooms, and more for home owners that design with every detail in mind. 

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