New Year’s Resolutions and Renovations? Enter to Win This Pfister Jaida Faucet #Giveaway

 This is a product compensated post. I received a Jaida faucet to help fascilitate my review. All opinions are my own. ButeauFull Chaos is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  jaida faucet

Pfister Jaida Faucet

Homeowners today are making a dramatic statement with the design of their bathrooms by using contemporary and traditional products together.  What a better way to combine the two than with one piece that blends a classic look with a modern take on the bathroom faucet.

Pfister’s Jaida faucet has a contemporary feel with its unique mix and match finishes.  The sophisticated matte white body, combined with the Polished Chrome lever and trough spout, create a cohesively unique design statement.

And, it’s going in my bathroom after the holidays! My master bath is one of the last rooms desperately crying out for renovation in my great big old 1890 home. It’s beyond time but requires completely gutting the entire room and starting from basically, scratch. And, that means a family of five fighting over one toilet in the house and a few days looking for a place to shower other than at home. In short, its a big project.

  jaida faucet 2

Features for Jaida Single Control Trough

Jaida gets an update with a new finish combination. Jaida’s body is finished in sophisticated matte White, while the lever and trough spout is finished in Polished Chrome. The unique mix and match unites two contemporary finishes to create a cohesively unique design statement.

  • Waterfall spout delivers a gentle cascade and displays the natural beauty of flowing water
  • Pforever Seal – advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee
  • Pfister Pforever Warranty® covers finish and function for life
  • 1.5 gpm @ 60 psi

Bathroom Renovations

According to’s annual Houzz & Home survey, bathroom renovation projects top home improvement priorities for Americans, with 28 percent of surveyed homeowners reporting plans for a bathroom renovation/addition in the next two years.

Understanding that a beautifully designed faucet can completely change the look and feel of a bathroom, Pfister introduces four new styles of bath faucets exclusive to Lowe’s Home Improvement stores that allow the discerning homeowners to upgrade and meet their remodeling budget requirements. Each faucet’s individuality complements a different design aesthetic, whether contemporary or traditional.

“It’s important for homeowners to have a wide selection of well-designed faucets at their fingertips,” said Kevin Bean, Pfister director of product marketing. “By offering customers accessible contemporary and traditional styles and finishes under one retail roof, homeowners will have the opportunity to define their own taste by comparing different bath faucets side-by-side.”

Win Your Own Jaida Faucet

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  1. Beautiful!!

  2. This is such a pretty faucet! I love the style…and need a new faucet! :)

  3. Everything in my house is builders grade. This would look so good in my guest bathroom!!

  4. This is a pretty faucet. If I win, I would give to my grandparents because they need one. :)

  5. Because it would look great in my bathroom!

  6. I want this faucet because we will be remodeling our bathroom and it will look great in the new bathroom. Plus, it will help us save money.

  7. If you could see the faucet in my son’s bathroom – finish blistering and peeling off – you would understand!

  8. because we remodel our bathroom and need a new faucet

  9. I just moved into a new house, a fixer upper, and I could use all the help I can get! We are in a VERY small budget!

  10. I would like to win this faucet because my bathroom still has the original basic faucet and this would make it so pretty for my family and for guests.

  11. This would be perfect in our house. We still have the originals the house came with….they’re pretty gross. We could definitely use this!:)

  12. It would definitely replace the one that constantly drips all day and night and who wouldn’t want such a cool faucet? It’s cute and modern.

  13. I want to win this faucet because it is time to remodel the bathroom!

  14. I want to win this for my parents who have been talking about needing a new faucet.

  15. So pretty! Is it pathetic to say I am obsessed with faucets? All the faucets in my house need to be different and do things like have settings for water pressure, or pull out of the holder, or operate by tapping on them. I’m kinda of a big dork with my faucets.

  16. We have a nice bathroom, but this faucet is a great first step to creating a unique bathroom…

  17. this is so pretty! i’d love to put all new hardware in our bathroom, and a faucet is a great way to start!

  18. Id like to win because a new vanity and sink is on our huge to do list and it looks neat.

  19. After I picked myself up off the floor from a dead faint I would gift this to my son for his place! He could sure use it .. though I must admit I would love it for myself!

  20. It’s so gorgeous! My bathroom needs an update like this!

  21. It’s beautiful! My current chrome/white faucet is sooo close to the sink it’s annoying. This one has nice height.

  22. Because I would love to have a more updated bathroom!

  23. Because it is gorgeous and i would love to have a new one in my bathroom!

  24. I would love to win this faucet because our master bathroom in in desperate need of an upgrade and this would be lovely!

  25. I am in dire need of a new faucet because mine is leaking…

  26. This is just the style I like and am looking forward to replacing a very aged leaking one in our bathroom. I’d like to replace all the faucets in our house, in fact, and do other updating as well.

  27. My guest bath really needs upgrade

  28. I need a new faucet this would be great

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