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FOOD52 & Electrolux Live Cooktop Challenge

Two weeks ago I told you all about the Electrolux Live Cooktop Challenge on Friends-of-Food52 Phoebe Lapine, Jennifer Perillo, and Camille Becerra faced off over Pan Roasted Cauliflower from Food52’s Your Most Impressive Dinner Party Side contest on three different cooktops. Amanda and Merrill emceedg the event and Electrolux hosted. At the end of the show, Electrolux gave away a cooktop to a lucky viewer who answered a question in the live chat!

Induction Cooking is HOT!

 The same dish was cooked by three different chefs on three different stove-tops; electric, gas and induction. If you missed the live cookoff, its not too late! You can still watch the video here

The electric range required some preheating which set Camille behind a bit. The gas range was hot immediately but the temperature is difficult to set and maintain perfectly. The induction range heats much more quickly and was up to temp in less than 30 seconds and stayed consistent and even throughout. 

A little info about induction ranges; If a magnet sticks to cookware, that cookware is induction compatible! Induction is also great for kids because it is cool to the touch since it used the pan for the actual heat source! 

Social Electrolux Live Stream

Trivia Question! How quickly does a cup of water boil on an induction cooktop? This was one of the questions asked during the live stream and answering it was equal to an entry into the contest to win an induction cooktop. So, what do you think? How long does it take to boil water on a regular electric stove? I bet it’s much faster on an induction cooktop at just 90 freaking seconds.

Viewers were asked to vote on which dish had the most impressive presentation style- Camille on electric, Phoebe on gas or Jennifer on induction… And the winner was….

pan roasted cauliflower

 Congratulations Camille! While Camille had a slow start with her electric cooktop, she managed to pull it off in the end! However, in terms of which cooktop I’d like to have, the induction wins all the way!! And speaking of winners…. the winner of the Electrolux during the live stream was Nikki McComas! Congratulations Nikki!

Now, to figure out how to get my own Electrolux! Santa? 

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  1. I’m always dreaming about owning an Induction Range- primarily for the speed and efficiency. It takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get dinner on the table at my house. Just think how much faster it would be to own a induction range 😀

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