veterans day

Veteran’s Day

Just a quick note to say Thank You! to the Veterans and their families that also make a huge sacrifice. You can read about my Veteran husband’s Military service as well as my Grandfather’s in my Memorial Day post here. The top photo in my little collage is of the Marines in Berlin, NH taken by my 14 year old son.

The Marines do so much in the community, especially spearheading the Toys for Tots program that so many children rely on! If you are looking for a way to say thank you, and maybe give back, I recommend learning more about Toys for Tots!

In any case, if you know a Veteran please remember to thank them for their service today!  

3 thoughts on “An Extra Thank You For Your Service on Veteran’s Day #VeteransDay

  1. Pretty much every single one of my older male family members served in the military. Like you say, our Freedom isn’t free. We need to show thanks to our veterans everyday.

  2. Thank you for posting this!! As a Veteran (though I never went overseas) I am thankful when I see this…our vets just don’t get enough thanks. Secretly, I was really disturbed by the lack of flags in my neighborhood and how many people totally ignored it on social media.. 🙁 I’m picky…hits a nerve for me.

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