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Acacia Black Quilt Cover Set by Ultima

“You, You May Say I’m a Dreamer, But I’m Not the Only One”

Sleep. I like sleep. No, I love sleep. Lately, however, it doesn’t seem to love me. I’ve been spending every weekend with my husband demolitioning a giant front porch, reshingling the front of my house, painting and finally building a new porch for the last month. Win! The porch is up! Not, bad for a couple of thinkers that never really built anything before… When you buy a 125 year old house you somehow assume the title, “Dreamer” whether you really want to or not. Anyway, I totally destroyed my rotator cuff (fancy way of saying my shoulder freaking hurts!). It’s been two weeks of mostly sleepless nights. 

In an effort to fix this, besides complaining endlessly about how much my shoulder hurts, I’ve decided to do two amazing things. One, create a new, more inviting sleeping space. An overhaul, though I’m drawing the line at paint. My bedroom is a nice shade of a dark, hunterish green. The curtains are brown. The lighting is lame. It’s very dark in there- which is great for sleep but, honestly, a little lot depressing. Time to brighten the room up without painting and think new bedding is the first step! 

I was introduced to Just Bedding and, although it’s an Australian company, they have absolutely beautiful bedding and the do ship to the US. The linen set above is called “Acadia” and I think it’s absolutely stunning! But, let’s be honest. White bedding is not ideal for my family since at one point or another one of the three kids will enter my bedroom with something that stains on their hands! I also really like the “Suki Linen Collection” below.

platinum-collection-suki-linen-quilt-cover-set_1Another Way I’m a Dreamer

While I’m on the topic of sleep, and bedding for that matter, I recently took a middle-of-the-night idea to the Internet. I’m officially an inventor (haha!) now. When I do sleep, I often look quite similair to something straight out of a movie (no, not that kind of movie! tsk! tsk!). Something like… The Exorcist, perhaps. I toss, I turn, I flip, I spin, I rotate, I roll, I move, I never stay still. And, I wake up with my pillows on the floor, over my husband’s face (ha!) or at the foot of my bed. So, I created something that will keep my pillow in place even if my head does start spinning in my sleep. 

In conversation my Mom told me about Quirky which was on some morning show or another. I think I was talking about how much I love watching Shark Tank. So, ten minutes after learning about Quirky, I pitched my idea. Sham Sheet, the Pillow Keep. If it’s a hit, maybe Just Bedding will want to carry them? The thing about Quirky is that you can pitch any idea even without a model or prototype. If it gets 200 votes the Quirky team will review it and it just might happen. The American Dream, right? So partly in fun, and perhaps with some true desire to see how far I can take this, my invention is on Quirky, ahem, waiting for your vote!  It needs 190 more votes in the next 28 days! Thanks in advance! 

Sham SHeet


Head hits pillow, eyes close, pillow slips off the bed- keep your pillow where you put it with a Sham Sheet.

The Problem

Through movement, slippery sheets, tossing and turning or restless nights it’s tough to keep your pillow in place. Finally get comfortable just to wake up with your pillow on the floor or between the mattress and headboard or on the other side of the bed. This problem happens at home, in hotels or even at your in-laws on an air mattress. Pillows falling off the bed make sleepers uncomfortable, wake them up or get dirty when they hit the floor. Velcro sticks to her hair, his mustache and comes undone. So how do you keep your pillow on your bed?!

The Solution

The solution? Sham Sheets! Keep on sleeping and your pillow stays right where you left it because the shams or pillow cases are attached to your fitted sheet! Sewn in with industrial strength threads and zippered closed on the ends your pillows will stay put! The stretchy fabric allows you to expand the pillow pocket to adjust for different pillow thicknesses and/or for more than one pillow. King, Queen and Full size Sham Sheets have two separate pouches, one for each side! Twins have just one pouch.

And Just So You Also Have John Lennon’s “Imagine” Stuck in Your Head


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  1. Oh my goodness, those bedding sets are dreamy and the bedding set in your first picture looks absolutely luxurious!

    Much like you, I am not getting any sleep at night. I believe I have either Bursitis or Arthritis of the knee- a completely painful, uncomfortable, makes for no-sleep issue. I’ve yet to make it to the doctors..go figure. I’m scared they are going to stick a needle in there and inject me {shudder}.

    I hope your poor rotator cuff issue gets better. I too, know how painful that is. Oye! We are all just falling apart in New England!

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