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The last time that I made lasagna, I made two good sized pans. And I literally used 10 pounds of cheese. I love two things about Italian-inspired foods- basil, and cheese.

My daughter has been begging me to make her stuffed shells and I tried buying a package of frozen ones to cover my own arse- but I couldn’t even eat them. Seriously, they were disgusting!

So, this past Sunday when I had a little extra time on my hands to prepare a nice dinner that didn’t involve tossing things into a crockpot, I decided to make her her stuffed shells.

I don’t really use a recipe when it comes to making stuffed shells, pasta dishes, lasagna/lasagne, I just kind of do my thing.  I do have a recipe for Lasagna Cupcakes- yes, cupcakes! here though!

Anyway, I decided to try and keep track of what I was doing so I’d have the recipe for my family, and of course for you! 

I’m not including a sauce recipe here. Let’s be honest, I doctor the big plastic jars of store-bought sauce. I don’t have time for from scratch sauce very often (though its amazing when I do!).  

Of  course, if you want to doctor up a store bought sauce like me you can always saute onions, peppers, garlic, basil and oregano in olive oil. Add in 1lb of ground meat (I used turkey- feel free to use ground beef) and 1lb of sweet italian sausage- casings removed. Then add the store bought sauce, simmer and finally add in Italian seasonings to taste just before it comes off the stove. You can always add a can of diced tomatoes too! 

Six-Cheese Stuffed Shells
(This recipe made two 13×9 pans- I used one super size plastic jar of sauce and one can of sauce). 

  • 1.5-2 Boxes of Jumbo Shells, boiled, drained and cooled. 1 lrg container (32oz) of Ricotta Cheese
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1.5 C Bag of Shredded Parmesan Cheese
  • 2 Cup Bag of Shredded Mozarella
  • 2 Cup Bag of Shredded Italian Cheese- which has Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan and Fontina, plus Romano and aged Asiago- Or, it might only have four or five of these depending on the brand that you buy. I just realized that my 6-Cheese stuffed shells were actually SEVEN Cheese shells counting the Ricotta. Whoops! Oh well, the more cheese the better!
  • Salt, Pepper, Italian Seasoning to taste.  
  1. Combine ricotta, eggs, half of the Parmesan and the entire bag of Italian Cheese. Mix well. Add a little bit of warm sauce to the mixture if it seems too thick.
  2. Stuff the cheese mixture into the cooked shells. I grease my baking dish, add a light layer of sauce then lay the stuffed shell on top. 
  3. Once you finish the long, tedious task of stuffing all of those shells, cover them with sauce. Top with the remaining parmesan and the Mozarella cheese. 
  4. Bake at 350 Degrees for about half an hour. You are, I think, supposed to cover with foil for part of this but I didn’t have any and since I don’t have a recipe I don’t really know

 P.S. I’m lactose intollerant and have hellish heartburn regularly. And, yup! I had them for dinner on day one and lunch on day two. Speaking of which, reheating these does something for me- they seem to always taste better the second time around! 

2 thoughts on “Six Cheese Supreme Stuffed Shells #Recipe

  1. You had me at “Six Cheese”! WOW, these look divine. I haven’t made stuffed shells on over 6 months now. I keep seeing a box of shells in my pantry, and I keep saying I’m going to make them, and then I keep forgetting to add Ricotta to my grocery list! Gah!

    I’m totally making your recipe when I get my act together enough and remember to buy Ricotta cheese 🙂

  2. Hi Erica!
    Wow! These look fantastic!! I love cheese especially in pastas. Will have to try these out some time.
    Linking up from the Bloggy Moms October blog hop.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Have a great day 🙂
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama

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