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Social Media Engagement for Dummies!

Great news! Staples has agreed to give two of my readers a copy of Aliza Sherman and Danielle Smith’s book, Social Media Engagement for Dummies! Now, I love this book, though I might be slightly biased. I’d love for you to read it for yourselves- its packed with wonderful information and really relevant steps for engaging with your community in social media. You can read my earlier review of this great book here.  Also, be sure to check out the awesome infographic on Social Media Engagment for Small Business here

Staples SUCCEED: Small Business Network

As an advocate for small businesses, Staples has been driving a series of conversations on the Staples SUCCEED: Small Business Network during the month of September. These discussions are designed to help small business owners thinking about away to using social media as a tool to help engage with the customers and reach their fans. Each conversation has touched upon a different topic related to social media engagement and led by a different thought leader.

Join us to wrap up the month with an Expert Q&A with Aliza Sherman, co-author of Social Media Engagement for Dummies!

Make sure to check out the event list below!  

Virtual Event List

WhereStaples SUCCEED Linkedin Network


 ·         Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked – “Instagram Marketing” – 9/10

 ·         Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels – “Driving Sales through Social” – 9/12

 ·         Candace Karu of Cabot Creamery – “Building Authentic Relationships on Social” –  9/17

 ·         Expert Q&A with Aliza Sherman – “Social Media Engagement” – 9/19

SME for Dummies Giveaway!

Two winners will be randomly selected on Monday, September 23, 2013! Each winner will receive one softback copy of Social Media Engagement for Dummies!

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  • Join @AlizaSherman & @Staples on 9/19 in a discussion on Social Media Engagement. You’re all invited! http://linkd.in/1brBVJW 
  • Want to learn more about social media engagement? Join @AlizaSherman & @Staples #SUCCEED now! http://linkd.in/1brBVJW
  • How do you engage on social media to help your biz grow? @AlizaSherman has the answers! cc: @Staples http://linkd.in/1brBVJW

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