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5 Can't Miss Fall TV Premieres

The kids have been back to school for two weeks. We drained and packed away our swimming pool over the weekend. One night last week the low dipped down to 30 degrees. Today the high isn’t expected to go above 60. Summer is officially over here in Northern New Hampshire. Not according to the calendar which says we technically have a few weeks left. 

Fall is here. Just take a look at the isles in the stores filled with fall decorating and Halloween candy on display. All of the summer merchandise is on clearance. It’s over. I’ve got to face it and find my silver lining. Hoodies! Breathtaking New England fall foliage. Apple picking with the kiddos! Football! (Go Pats!!) And, good TV. 

We don’t have cable so we watch ABC with an antenna and/or on Hulu+ and supplement with Amazon Instant and Netflix, all on our Roku player. Below are the shows that I love to watch from can’t ever miss an episode to “this is funny so I’ll watch” and a few that I haven’t decided on yet. I’ve also included my favorites from this summer. 

Five Shows I Won’t Miss This Fall

  • Revenge- Absolutely dying for this show to come back!!! If you haven’t watched, catch up on Netflix and be ready for 9/29!
  • The Walking Dead- Need I say more? Honestly, I hate guts and zombies but I’m addicted to TWD! Long wait until 10/13! 
  • Scandal- A little known actress plus White House Scandal? Phenomenol television! Back on 10/3!
  • Bones- A started watching during one of my series marathons. And I couldn’t stop! Returns 9/16! 
  • Revolution- I watched a few episodes last season and enjoyed them but trickled off. Picked it back up on Netflix over the summer and now I can’t wait for 9/25!


  • Downton Abbey– You’ve probably heard about this show. I did, a lot. So I tuned in. Honestly, I wasn’t sure for episode one but I kept going. Really, just keep going! The new season premieres in the US January ’14. 

Five More Shows I Will Watch 

  • The Middle- This IS my family. Seriously! 9/25
  • New Girl- Just silly, fun comedy. 9/17
  • Mike and Molly- Plus size women icon Molly will make you laugh, and stop worrying so much about how you look. 
  • Raising Hope- Funny, guilty pleasure TV! 11/8
  • The Mindy Project- Also funny, guilty pleasure TV! 9/17

Five Shows Still Up in the Air

  • Once Upon a Time
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
  • Betrayal
  • Trophy Wife
  • The Good Wife

Five Shows I Watched This Summer

  • Under the Dome– Watch this. Stephen King based. Suprising, entertaining. Worth it. It’s available on Amazon Instant, free for Prime Members. 
  • Mistresses- I wasn’t sure I’d like this one and my husband blatantly refused to watch but it turns out I love it! A Desperate Housewives replacement, finally. 
  • True Blood- I’ve read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books, and I’ve seen every episode. The show itself is dwindling down and I’ve read next season might be the last but I’m still waiting on it. 
  • The Exes & Hot in Cleveland (Yes, I know they count as two but I never watched one without watching the other. TV Land has some great television!)
  • Orange is the New Black- A Netflix original. 13 episodes from season one showed up in Netflix one day this summer. The next day I found myself trying to fast forward to next summer. Exceptionally well done! 

One Can’t Miss YouTube Video

Make the Homeless Smile

This was floating around on Facebook. Worth the watch and maybe encouraging others to take action as well! Also, this month is Hunger Action Month.

Check out my post about Moms Fighting Hunger and how you can help the one in six hungry Americans today! 

What are you Watching?

What Fall Premieres are you waiting for? Am I missing any great shows? Hate any on my list? Sound off! 

56 thoughts on “Five Fall Premieres I Won’t Miss and More #FallPremieres #TvShows

  1. We just started watching the 1st Season of Orange is the New Black and we are totally enthralled! We have only made it to episode 4, but wen intend on watching 1 or 2 episodes per night.

    I am also eagerly anticipating Season 3 of American Horror Story. Love that show!

    1. Ohh I forgot about that show! I watched the first season of American Horror and loved it. I guess I just never picked up the second season. I will catch up when it’s available on Netflix!

  2. LOVE, love, Love Revenge!!! The hubby’s and mine favorite to watch together!!!!
    I also will put in a good word for Once upon a time. I think this show is so clever!!!! Cannot wait for the new seasons!

    1. Yes, Revenge is definitely at the top of the list! The preview they keep playing is KILLING me!!! Akkkk! Hurry up already!

      I kind of gave up on OUAT. I’ll rethink it!

  3. Ha! I am in a planner addicts group and one of the gals posted all of Falls new show line ups and times. My husband laughed at me being in the group until I showed him the list with all of the shows that are upcoming. He laughed and said now he understands why I am in that group.

  4. Of the shows you listed, I watch Downton Abbey (well I recently watched it all online) and I totally agree you have to stick with it – it gets really good in the middle of season 2. And Once Upon a Time. I want to start watching Scandal, Revenge, Orange is the New Black, and Once Upon a Tme in Wonderland.

    stopping by from the blogelina commentathon!

    ~ Dara

  5. I keep hearing about Orange is The New Black, I’m going to have to check that one out. And it is killing me to wait until January for more Downton Abbey. After that surprise at the end of last season!

  6. I don’t have a TV, so no TV shows for me. I think YouTube and internet in general is so much better than any shows on TV. I also have two super playful cats, so watching them play is the best entertainment in the world! πŸ™‚

  7. I’m looking forward to The Biggest Loser! I actually don’t get to watch many shows. Life is too busy with eight kids! When I do watch I usually walk in place during the show (similar to Walk Away the Pounds moves). The kids think it is hilarious and watch me more than the show.

  8. I most definitely agree with The Walking Dead! I just started watching this from the beginning a couple of months ago after my boss and all my co-workers kept raving about it. Now I’m hooked and CAN NOT wait until October! Enjoy your shows πŸ™‚

  9. I’m not super excited about any upcoming fall shows but I am looking forward to watching our usual comedies again (mindy, the middle, etc) We’ve gotten bored this summer and taken to re-watching The Office!

  10. Scandal was such a big hit with us. Loved the 1st season a lot. I hope they go back to more cases to figure out. Revenge and my all time favorite now Downton Abbey. I can’t get enough of that show.

    Loved Under the Dome this summer. Can’t wait to see the finally.

  11. Really the only one of those I watch is Raising Hope – I just love that show! I can give or take most tv, but those episodes are always funny and feel-good!

  12. I usually only watch the Food Network. lol If its not on the Food network or Disney Junior I don’t watch it… Mostly because I am just too lazy to change the channel though. lol

  13. We don’t have TV either but we have netflix. Seasons 9 of Grey’s Anatomy was just put on there so we will start watching that soon

  14. We have a lot of the same tastes in shows. My absolute favorite is the Walking Dead and I cant wait for it to come back on!! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Orange is the new black and I need to check it out. Newer favorites are the Mindy Project and New Girl. I need to check out Revenge, I’ve heard thats a must see!

  15. I seriously can’t wait for Scandal to start back up. My husband will hopefully be back from his deployment to start it back up with me too πŸ™‚ Oh the things that excite us lol

  16. The only show I can think of at the moment is Person of Interest but a lot of great shows are returning and premiering. I cant wait!

  17. We have been without cable for a year and couldn’t afford internet that was fast enough to watch tv online BUT our financial situation has improved so we now have cable AND good internet so I’m just going to watch anything and everything! LOL I feel so out of the loop! I have seen all the episodes of Orange is the New Black though while I was house sitting for my mom. It’s safe to say I’m addicted. I can’t wait until they come out with new episodes!

  18. Sherlock (BBC) and Doctor Who is all I can think about. Some of the ones you mentioned are in my cue but these are the two I can’t stop thinking about and cannot wait for!

  19. First, I live in south Texas. I can’t even imagine the type if weather you are talking about. We are still seeing triple digits down here….and I’ve never actually seen the leaves change color in the fall….it doesn’t happen here.

    As for what I’m watching….we normally don’t have cable, but we are staying at a friend’s ranch right now and they do. So I’ve been busy watching “Duck Dynasty” on A&E. Also, I can’t wait for “Downton Abbey.”

  20. Out of that entire list I only watch Mike and Molly and True Blood. I have never read the Sookie Stackhouse books. I may now – never even knew there were books…

  21. I don’t watch that much TV but when I saw Orange is the New Black, I couldn’t stop watching until I had seen them all. I can’t wait for the new season!

  22. Scandal, Revenge and Bones – I’m DYING for those to come back. And Downton Abbey, oh yeah. What a cliffhanger at the end of last season. Can’t wait for the premiere.

  23. I haven’t seen any of these shows but I do know that they’re followers are immense. My daughter loves the Walking Dead and is thrilled that Universal Studios Halloween horror nights will feature these zombies. I may have to check out these shows since so many seem to think they are “can’t miss” TV.

  24. Revenge, Bones and Revolution are on my list! I actually just started watching Revenge this summer. I watched both seasons in like 2 weeks. Now I can’t wait for the new season! Bones is my absolute favorite though, looking forward to that starting on Monday!

  25. ooo I love bones and scandal. I am a couple of seasons behind in bones but love that show! Stopping by as part of the blog-a-thon.! Emily

  26. Under the Dome and Bones are two of our faves right now! We watch either netflix or on demand, so that we can watch a whole series straight. I can’t even imagine waiting a whole week in between episodes all the time. We are doing that with Under the dome and it is driving me mad! The suspense kills me!!!

  27. I’m glad someone else is excited for fall tv! My oldest son and I watched the premiere of Sleepy Hollow last night. Oh dear, it was good but way too scary for us. Walking Dead is as scary as I can go. I caught up on Revolution over the summer via Netflix so we’ll watch that one. I had trouble getting into Under the Dome. I’m patiently waiting for a new season of Sherlock and season 7 of Dr. Who to hit Netflix (we’re the same as you no cable…).

  28. I watch Psych, White Collar, Suits, Fringe, Doctor Who, New Girl, Sherlock, Midsomer Murder, Inspector Lewis, sometimes Bones, and lots and lots of old shows. I was watching Bunheads as my guilty pleasure but they went and cancelled it this summer. Not happy!

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