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Birthday Reflections

I had four 29th birthdays. This past Wednesday (9/4) was almost my 5th. And then I realized that I’m almost half way through my 30’s and I almost always have to do the math to figure out how old I really am when it matters. Maybe the celebration of my husband’s 50th birthday did something to me a few months back? I’m 34. How bad can it really be? 

If I accept my age (although I don’t promise to always act it) what’s the worst that can happen? My hair will turn white? That happened in my 20s! It’s now about 75% white, no joke. I’d show you but accepting my age has nothing to do with going all natural. Seriously… Revlon, Clairol, Garnier are my girlfriends nowadays.

I’m proud of who I am, what I am. I’m certainly a different person than I was in my 20’s. A better person, not that I was that bad to begin with, but better just the same. Older, wiser, more in tune with myself, my body, my inner being. Of course, my 30’s haven’t been easy so far… a house fire, a complete career change, buying an old battered house and fixing it up, having $9k stolen from us, a hysterectomy, my Mom’s breast cancer and the day before my birthday, my niece’s biggest operation in her short six years. But these are the things, along with age, that have made me who I am now. I have been blessed with an incredible support system; truly amazing friends and family!

And of course, there’s you. Yup! You! The readers of this blog, and well, this blog! This place has been my venting zone, my information hub and the one place where I’ve had the chance to share my voice with the world. So many of you come here for so many different things and your comments, shares and support have made this place my second home. I truly hope that my ramblings add some kind of value to your life. Whether it be a new recipe to try, a way to spread kindness and support others or simply something to smile about. I’m so very thankful for you!

Big Fish Games 

I have presents to give away! There’s still a child in all of us, regardless if we are in our teens, twenties, thirties, eighties… you get the idea! So for my birthday I’m giving away something fun!  I’ve got two codes for a free Big Fish Games game! The games at regular price are each around $9.99. I’ve been playing Gardenscapes 2 and its so fun! Big Fish has casino games, hidden objects games, fun family friendly games and more! One of the best things about buying one of these games is that you can play as much as you want without ever having to beg your friends for energy packs or filling up your Facebook timeline with game requests! 

There are a ton of games to choose from! It could almost be too hard to choose! Below are some recommendations buts here is a tip. You can try any of the games for free for an hour before making your buying decision. Also, if you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can purchase any game at 70% off with the coupon code: NEW299 (must be a first time customer). With this code you’ll get standard versions for $2.99 and Collector’s editions for $5.99. Great deal! 

Big Fish Game Recommendations

1. Ranch Rush (it’s like Farmville but better) – they also have Ranch Rush 2 on an island 😉
2. Gardenscapes 2 (hidden object game)
3. Sheep’s Quest (if you like brain teasers)
4. Webbies (it’s a really cute game so it’s good for families)
5. Bookworm Adventures (word game)
6. I SPY (it’s another hidden object one)


All you have to do to enter to win a free game is visit Big Fish Games  and then comment on this post with the name of a game that you think sounds fun! Don’t worry, if you win this does not have to be the game you download! Easy peasy! Two winners will be randomly selected on Friday the 13th! 


This post is sponsored in part by Big Fish Games. I was given a free game for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “I’m NOT 29 Again- Reflecting on My 34th Birthday and a PC Game #Giveaway

  1. Happy (Belated) Birthday! Sounds as though you had a very trying past year, so I hope you were able to enjoy, and let loose a little on your Birthday!

  2. One of the games that caught my eyes was Island Castaway.. I like the idea of the mysterious island 🙂

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