wine and lobster
After rekindling my love for infographics yesterday with my post about reasons to clear clutter at home, I couldn’t resist the urge to share another infographic today, A Toast to Wine. Although my love of wine is much stronger than my wine knowledge I’m eager to share! Cheers!
I’m not much of a drinker. But, there are are a few times when a nice glass of wine pairs well with lobster at home (pictured above, lobster, baked brie and chocolate covered strawberries) or another quiet evening in. I won’t drive if I’ve had so much as one sip of alcohol so I’m much more likely to be seen with the occassional glass at home rather than out.

I’ve recently had more frequent discussions about wine with my friend and mentor, Aliza Sherman, and what I told her is quite accurate, “I don’t know much about wine. I know that I like it white and sweet and that about sums it up.” Aliza knows much, much more about wine than I do, and in fact, her Digital Diva Minutes are featured by Wine Sisterhood.
In sticking with my wine tastes, you’ll notice in the photo above I’ve put out my favorite Sweet & Sassy Moscato from Middle Sister Wines, and Haute White Riesling, the first crowdsourced wine! These are my go to wines for any occassion. Sadly Wine Sisterhood isn’t sold locally so I order it online. When I need a bottle of wine in a pinch I’ll grab a Barefoot Moscato to hold me over!
Anyway, on to the inforgraphic. A toast to wine; uncorking the numbers behind America’s love if wine (vino). It’s interesting to note that Americans make up the largest wine market in the world! I suppose we love our wine quite well here in the United States! So well that nearly half of all adults in the US drink wine! 
Check out the inforgraphic below to read more about wine in America, where its sold, where its made, the top types of wine by preference, the top wine destinations in the US and more. 
Wine Infographic
Produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.


4 thoughts on “Uncorking the Numbers Behind America’s Love of Wine #Infograhpic

  1. I love myself a good glass of wine. Who am I kidding? A good bottle of wine! I don’t get to drink wine as much as I’d like too, but on the rare occasions that I do get to drink- I go all out.

    Moscato is my new favorite. It used to be Shiraz, but for some reason I kind of outgrew Shiraz.I also enjoy a great Chardonnay from time to time. My husband is the farthest thing away from a wine drinker, so I typically get the whole bottle to myself {hiccup}

    Love the info graphic. Cheers from one wine lover to another!

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