Dear Mr president what is it like being president. my name is Kendra [redacted] and I am going to7th garde I am 12, do you have a pet ,if you do could you send me a picture of him or her.what is like being president  I know you are busy but could you write back and send me pictures of the white house and your family and the rooms. I want to be like you one day

My 12 year old daughter emailed me this letter the other day. It’s been sent on to the White House in the hopes that she does in fact receive a response. She told me today that she understands that the President is very busy but she would be happy with a letter back from his secretary. This absolutely melted my heart! I’m sharing the letter here in its entirety and without edits to preserve her Patriotic Spirit

This letter amazes me honestly on so many levels. Kendra has learning disabilities and is on the Autism spectrum and the fact that she did this on her own is just so awesome to me. On another level, when I think of the things that I, as an adult, would say to our President they are so fundamentally different. And for that, I am grateful. My 12 year old is untouched by worry about health care, social security, war and the many other political agenda items that consume our newsfeeds. Just let her be little for a little longer. The innocence is refreshing. 

And then, there is that last line…

I want to be like you one day

As I mentioned, my daughter struggles with learning disabilities. Dyslexia, fine and gross motor delays and a significant reading delay. But, she tells me she wants to go to college for art (even though she has a difficult time with drawing what we might think are the simplest things). And, she wrote a letter to the President of the United States and said, 

I want to be like you one day

There is no stopping this child. Her goals, her dreams, her wants are not limited by her disabilities. She can be whatever she wants to be, do whatever she wants to do. There’s nothing stopping her. Because, I’m not stopping her and I’m not telling her she can’t be like the President one day. Because in my heart of hearts, she can and will be anything she wants to be. As for me, my dearest Kendra, 

I want to be like you one day…

 If you have connections and are somehow, by the grace of God or the internet fairies able to get this girl a letter back from the President, please contact me here



56 thoughts on “Letter From My 12Yr Old- Dear Mr. President @BarackObama

  1. How absolutely heart warming this is! You must be so proud, and Kendra is such a beautiful girl!
    I’m crossing my fingers that she does get a response, I know the President’s vacation on Martha’s Vineyard is over now (via Air Force one flying overhead in Cape Cod’s airspace)-and if I were the President, I would certainly make writing people back my top priority after a lovely weeks vacation πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you, Ashley! This reminds me that you live in the Cape area. I so love it there. I last visited during February vacation two or three years ago. Even then it was beautiful, we played on the beach collecting shells, taking photos and visited the Zoo and the Cape Cod chip factory where I discovered my love for Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar chips… oy vey.. so darn good!!

    1. She would be so happy with a form letter. She hasn’t received anything yet. Of course, this happened right around the time the government shut down…

  2. Don’t wait for a reply. Take her on the internet and show her a virtual tour. Bo the Portuguese Water Dog is all over the web, with lots of photos (although he isn’t the rescue dog Obama said he would get). Glad she is so curious.

  3. What a beautiful letter! Your daughter might get something back but not written from Obama personally. Like Robin said, she would get like a form letter back.

  4. I just got chills. Kendra can totally be like the president one day. I hope someone in the right place at the right time gets this note to him.

  5. What a SWEET story! I actually sent the White House my wedding invitation after hearing that they mail you a card back. I did receive my card and added it to the scrapbook. Very cool!

  6. That’s wonderful that she’s a gal of action. πŸ™‚ It’s wonderful too, that you are such a firm supporter.

  7. Aww that was so sweet. I’m inspired by your daughter! We should all do this to the President more often.

  8. Love this post! I hope she gets a letter back from him. Kendra sounds like a very special and beautiful young lady!

  9. This is just awesome. It shows the innocent of a child- that is unfiltered from all the negativity President Obama had to deal with over the last few years. I’m sure they will respond– hopefully the staff that opens this letter will give this one some extra attention. This was just beautiful. It shows that she has great dreams and with a Mom like you I am sure she will get there!

  10. I love the innocence and curiosity of children! It always makes me remember to step back and remember the simpler things of life.

  11. I have a son with dyslexia. His try and spirit continually impress me. I understand your feelings about the unedited part. I always want to fix his writing so no one thinks less of him. I hope she gets a response.

  12. Fingers (and toes) are crossed on this end hoping that your smart little girl gets a reply from Mr. President.

    Thanks for sharing this, and kuddos to you, Mama. You’ve raised an awesome daughter.

    I also voted for you on TMB.

    Stopping by from SITS.


  13. This is great! The sky is the limit…and, you never know -the president may respond! When my sister was in 7th grade -she wrote the president, or, soon to be president, Jimmy Carter. She was actually invited to his inauguration! She still has the invitation, etc. Unfortunately she could not attend because my mom was pregnant with me at the time… she never let me live this down. Anyway – I hope the president responds. πŸ™‚

  14. It would be nice if your daughter would get a reply from the White House. But really, I don’t think she needs to get one – because she already has a mother like you!! It sounds to me like she is already a very lucky girl who already has plenty of support to accomplish her goals πŸ™‚
    Happy SITS day!

  15. My BFF has an adopted daughter who is mentally handicapped and also blind. We always celebrate all her little achievements. It helps give the strength to keep on. The purity and innocence she often shows us is so beautiful, just like your daughter. Happy SITS day!

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