There are as many excuses for clutter as their are flat surfaces to keep it on. I’m a bit of a hoarder, not television worthy, but I do tend to keep more things than I should. I blame it on loosing all of my material posessions in our house fire and being afraid to part with anything by choice. Excuse!
In fact, I have a closet overflowing with clothes that don’t fit. They are too big, too small, too fancy, not fancy enough. Yet, they hang there. Day after day. After not even having a change of underwear for a day or two, I guess I’m afraid I won’t have options! Excuse!
Looking quickly around my home office I’m embarrassed by the amount of clutter we’ve accumulated. My office tends to be the collect all room… stack of mail I don’t have time to look at? I’ll put it on my desk where I won’t forget about it. Ha! Those two sewing machines? Those can’t be touched! Literally, which must be why I haven’t touched them once in two years! 
Then there are the kids toys, clothes, two years of school papers and projects. When will it all end? Without a doubt, I’ve really got to learn to clear out the clutter and I think that not only will it do me well visually, but mentally as well. 
SpareFoot has partnered with organizational design expert and TV personality Peter Walsh to bring you the following reasons to clear out the clutter at home. Reasons include giving yourself an extra year of life that’s normally wasted looking for misplaced items and even improving your sex life. Hmmm, move over clutter!! 
 Walsh advises that if you haven’t used an item in the past year, you’re not likely to ever need it. “Take the plunge and get rid of it!” 
Clutter Infographic
Produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.
 This is not a compensated post. Infographic used with permission of SpareFoot. 

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