JumpinJazz Kids

I was recently contacted by JumpinJazz Kids producer, Steve. He asked me if I was interested in reviewing the CD, JumpinJazz Kids – A Swinging Jungle Tale. I’m so glad that I said yes and very excited to share this with you! In full disclosure, Steve is giving me a complimentary CD for review purposes. I can’t wait to play the whole CD in the Jeep with the kids! You can preview some of the tracks here

JumpinJazz Kids – A Swinging Jungle Tale is a Grammy-nominated children’s album that combines classic narrative storytelling with fun, pop-influenced jazz songs performed by world-renowned jazz artists, a jazz quartet and a full symphony orchestra. The story follows Claire and her stuffed animal friends who come to life on an adventure in her Grandpa’s magical backyard “jungle”. The story is great, the music is catchy and I am positive that this is one of the best children’s CD’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to!

The CD makes for a great gift for boys and girls ages 4-8. Moms can keep them on hand for the never-ending list of birthday parties. It’s also the PERFECT companion for road trips in the car this summer!


The CD costs $10.99 – but Steve and the folks at JumpinJazz Kids have kindly offered my readers 20% off when you use the code: ERICABUTEAU20 on their website, http://jumpinjazzkids.com/store/.


JumpinJazz Kids has concerts coming up in Colorado, California, Texas, New Mexico and elsewhere. And, they’re hosting a contest this fall with winners getting free concerts at elementary schools in five metro areas throughout the U.S. Steve would love for my readers to weigh in on which metro areas those should be? Please leave a comment so I can let him know!

A Swinging Jungle Tale

Steve co-wrote and produced the songs and the story for “A Swinging Jungle Tale,” and wants to make sure kids everywhere get a chance to hear them. Here is a preview:

About JumpinJazz Kids 

JumpinJazz Kids – A Swinging Jungle Tale,” is a new family concert that combines classic narrative storytelling with fun, pop-influenced jazz songs performed by a Jazz quintet and Symphony Orchestra.

Our target age listening group is 4-8 years olds and is a perfect fit for Young People’s and Family Concerts plus children’s early learning associations (Pre-K, grades K-3, Imagination Celebration, etc.)

JumpinJazz Kids” celebrates our concept “Imagination Is Me!” with the goal being to create a children’s music experience that requires the listener’s active use of their imagination and actual physical movement during the performance to become a “real” part of the show.