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Stock Exchange photo by LilGoldWmn
Stock Exchange photo by LilGoldWmn

Ways Kids Can Earn Money

On top of household chores and earning an allowance, kids typically want to have some spending money or build up their savings accounts. Here are some great ways kids can earn money and, some of these tips are great for adults too! Enjoy!

1. Employment

Depending on your state’s laws, children as young as 14 are allowed to work, pay taxes on their income and hopefully, save up some money for their drivers’ license, first car, etc. My 14 year old son started his first job this summer at a relatively local amusement park (45 minute drive). He is banking half of every paycheck without question. His days are longer than he is used to but he’s doing well! Your teen should check seasonal places for employment opportunities since they have a high demand in times when there isn’t school. Community grocery stores (not the big box stores) sometimes look for people to bag or clean or move shopping carts around as well. 

2. Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing or trash collection, raking leaves, weeding gardens, skimming swimming pools, walking dogs, etc. Your teen may not be eligible for regular employment yet, or maybe they haven’t found the right opportunity. In this case, creating a few flyers and posting them on bulletin boards or placing a small ad in the “Services” section of your local newspaper could score plenty of odd jobs to keep your kids busy and earning some extra spending (or saving) money. Teens should focus on the jobs that they have the skills and tools to do and that will hold their interest. 

3. Babysitting

This was my first job. I think the first step here is to make sure, as a parent, that your child is responsible enough for the task. Preteens or those that don’t have much experience may look for jobs as a “Mother’s Helper” where they are occupying children while their parent(s) are home but working in their home office or on a repair project or just need a few hours to catch up on laundry or other household items. This is a great way to “test out” a new, younger babysitter as well. 

Watch for babysitting courses in your area, often hosted by the American Red Cross. They average around $25 per student and are a great introduction to the job! The American Red Cross also offers an Online Babysitting course for $25. 

4. Selling Games & CDs

As parents, there is one thing we know for certain. When our kids want something, they want it NOW. And, a week or two later, that new Xbox game is defeated and boring or that Justin Bieber CD is no longer “cool”. Selling old CDs, DVDs and games is a great way to help kids and teens learn about the value of something while making money towards the things that they want rather than allowing dust to collect on the the things they have! The company will give you a value for your disc and send you a free shipping label. Then, when they receive the item you get paid! Such a great way to reduce clutter and make some extra money!

5. Creative Arts

If your child is creative, artistic, crafty, etc. then why not let them get started on their careers early? Crafts, artwork, jams and jellies and other homemade goods can be sold at Farmer’s Markets in your area. Maybe you are having a yard sale and can offer a table to them to display, and sell, their work. Homeade items can also be sold on Etsy with mom and dad’s help. Handmade things and other items like clothing, toys etc. can also be sold on sites like eBay with parents’ help! 


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