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With the ever-advancing technology in today’s world, I’ve often dreamed of a washing machine that sorts, washes, dries and folds my family’s clothes and a dishwasher that follows the kids around picking up their cups, rinsing them out loading them, washing them and maybe even putting them away. Some days, I just can’t keep up! 

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Short of enlisting a robot, I need cleaning products that I can trust. Cleaning products that clean almost effortlessly on my part! I’m not really living in a dream world here. Nanotechnology has jumped in to provide some of the best cleaning products I’ve ever seen! You can even score a printable coupon for these Nano-iT cleaning Products if you shop at Safeway!  You can also find Nano-iT products at Tom Thumb, Randalls and Vons. 

Nano-iT Stainless Cleaner

Long lasting rich lustre for all appliances and all stainless surfaces.

Luxurious finish for stainless steel surfaces. Repels dirt, smudges and fingerprints. Cleans, polishes, conditions and shines without streaking.

Nano-iT CounterTop

Nano-iT CounterTop Laboratory proven, new generation, environmentally friendly kitchen countertop cleaner without the need for abrasive cloths.  It provides a unique method of removing the most stubborn dirt, grease and stains such as coffee, wine, oil and even chewing gum! Also check out Nano-iT CookTop!

Nano-iT WoodPlus

Nano-iT WoodPlus is a newly developed, proprietary wood polish that provides a glossy surface as well as surface protection to all kind of metals, polymers and ceramics. Nano-iT WoodPlus restores the original appearance and lustre of the substrate. Nano-iT WoodPlus is an oil-free proprietary, hydrophobic formulation of Nano waxes and photo oxidation inhibitors for protection from the adverse effects of UV light.

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