Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

Erica Buteau, Motivational Speaker, Before and After 180 Pound Weight Loss

After losing nearly 200 pounds, Erica Buteau is ready to help others take back their lives. Invite her to share her journey filled with a powerful message of hope and inspiration at your next event, group or workshop.

If you are looking for a passionate, dynamic speaker that will motivate and capture the attention of your audience, Erica Buteau is your gal! Erica is available to speak about weight loss, tips for losing weight, to give insights into fitness and activities that anyone can do and much more. In addition to speaking about weight loss success, Erica is extremely passionate about a few topics less talked about, or more specifically, both body positivity and the trauma of losing weight even when it is a positive and truly remarkable feat.

Weight loss success is hard on the mind, body and soul and everyone, especially women, should be prepared to go into battle against their minds, mirrors and learn how to see themselves for who they are, how to stop letting the mind play tricks and not surprisingly, how to willingly and openly accept a genuine and sincere compliment about their new bodies.

Erica’s is a story of willpower, gathering and accepting support, climbing upwards inwardly while moving down in pounds on the scale. Erica will share with your group how losing more than half herself has changed her life from an obese, 326 pound woman suffering from depression, anxiety, PCOS, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, into a healthy, happy, motivational weight loss consultant, lifestyle coach and speaker.

To book Erica as a Motivational Speaker for your next event, please send an email to:

Rates: $250-$1500 plus travel and expenses.

What  People Have Said About Erica: 

Erica is … “Motivated, driven, accomplished.” Faith K.

Words to describe Erica … “Beautiful, giving, helpful, strong, caring, honest, successful, captivating, devoted, confident [and] positive.” Lousie L.

Erica is … “a very compassionate and driven lady, loving mom and devoted wife. [Her] intelligence is off the charts and [she is] a superb grandma. But what stands out to me besides very determined is [that she is a] REAL, take no shit woman who has my complete respect and an absolute positive role model to men and women.” DJ

Erica is… “on the top five list of the strongest woman I know. She balances a career, marriage, motherhood, being a Nonna and a long list of other things quite well. She is selfless. A giver and a nurturer. Hilarious. A great friend.” Melinda M.

Erica is … “very intelligent. patient (while teaching me Math ugh), determined, thoughtful, friendly and strong, independent and a time manager. She has a great sense of humor and is a great friend and a kick ass woman and is are humble about it and hard working as well as many other things, I could go on forever.” Kim D.

Erica is … “a sweet, caring person who encourages people.” Diane B.

Erica is … “Highly motivated, organized, loyal. Driven, successful, accomplished. Thoughtful, kind, honest.” Angeles w.

Erica is … “Inspiring, strong, smart as hell, caring, understanding, patient, a great teacher and friend!” Ashley S.