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Like us, our furry friends can experience anxiety from time to time. Unfortunately, unlike us, they don’t have the option of going to talk therapy or chatting about what is worrying them with their support network. An anxious dog can create all sorts of issues in the home too from being an added worry to its owner, to yapping and chewing things that it should not. 

The good news is there are plenty of ways to help soothe and calm an anxious dog. Read on to find out what they are. 

Pats and Cuddles 

To your dog, you are their pack’s leader, which means close physical contact with you will make them feel safer. Also when anxious your dog’s muscles and joints will tense, so petting and cuddling your pup will help relieve some of this and calm them down. You may even want to give dogs that struggle with anxiety a massage and relieving this muscle tension can help end the reinforcing cycle of anxiety due to physical sensations. 


Exercise and lots of it is a must for anxious dogs. This is because it helps them burn off some of that anxious energy while also providing the reassurance of spending time with you, the leader of their pack. Of course, exercise for dogs always needs to be dependent on their size and age, so be sure to check the recommended amounts before you take them out on a walk, run, or for some fetch. 

Treat & Toys 

Dog anxiety is a well-recognized issue in the pet world, and there are even toys and treats like these calming dog bones that are designed specifically to help. Indeed, a chewable toy with the added incentive of a treat is an ideal item for an anxious dog because it not only gives them something to focus and expend energy on, but the yummy chicken treat inside contains active ingredients to help gently soothe their anxiety.         

Sound and & Music 

Just as loud environments and unexpected sounds can cause stress and anxiety in dogs, some sounds and types of music can be soothing as well. For example, you’ll find a wide range of playlists on platforms like YouTube and Spotify designed specially to calm your canine friends. Leaving a radio or the TB on for them when you are out can work wonders too, as the human voices can soothe your pet and make them feel less alone.

Creating A Space Specifically For Your Dog To Retreat 

Many articles on dog wellbeing recommend this, but few of us actually offer a space to our dogs that is all their own. However, it can be very helpful for an anxious dog because it allows them to retreat into a space in which they can calm themselves and get respite from whatever is making them anxious. 

With this in mind, setting a crate aside in a quiet room, or creating a little nook under the stairs where your pooch can go and no one will disturb them is an excellent investment in your dog’s happiness. 

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