Are you looking for a career that can keep you physically fit, provide a lot of different types of exercise, and let you earn a good living? If you answered yes, you might want to consider a great physical job.

Whether you’re a high school student or someone in midlife, there are tons of physically demanding careers out there. There are some that also require incredible intelligence and critical thinking.

Let’s take a look at the best physical jobs out there–these might be the right ones for you.

1. Water Aerobics Instructor

Water aerobics instructors have the help of great physical jobs while helping others stay healthier. This job requires excellent swimming skills, physical fitness, knowledge of exercises, and aquatic safety.

Water aerobics instructor give their classes knowledge of proper form while complete exercises set to music. Because of the resistance of the water, athletes of all sizes and abilities can participate without damaging joints.

Along with being excellent motivators, water aerobics instructors must have energy and enthusiasm.

Those looking to become instructors should either have an aerobics certification at or be willing to complete necessary courses. 

2. Mining

Mining presents a thrilling career option for the adrenaline-seeking, physically capable individual. Mining involves the excavation and removal of material, such as coal, from within the Earth.

It requires strong physical stamina and a stoutness of character to think beyond the safety regulations and industry norms while constantly maintaining vigil over their environment. 

3. Construction

Construction work is one of the more labor-intensive job options, and it can provide a sense of satisfaction from seeing a project come together from the ground up. From building bridges to constructing homes, the work can be rewarding in many ways.

If you’re in shape and don’t mind the hard work and the long hours, this is a great job for you. You won’t need a specific degree to get started, but you will need to take courses related to construction and safety, as well as to become certified in the trade, if applicable.

4. Food Service

Food service is an excellent way to get involved in a great physical job. A career in food service can involve working as a restaurant cook, dishwasher, cook, or baker.

The job is active, as you will be preparing food, cleaning dishes, and ensuring that all areas of the kitchen are clean. Working in food service allows you to interact with customers, build your teamwork and communication skills, and to stay in shape.

Not only can a career in food service provide excellent physical activity and the opportunity to gain a variety of skills, but it can also be a great opportunity to interact with people of diverse backgrounds.

5. Waste Management

Waste management isn’t just about taking the garbage out each week. It’s also about so much more than that. It requires strong people with a lot of energy and a dedication to keeping our communities clean and safe.

If you’re looking for a great physical job that has more to it than just taking out the trash, take a closer look at waste management. You could drive a truck, operate heavy equipment, collect, load, and unload waste materials, and work with hazardous materials.

Find the Best Physical Jobs

If you love to stay active, consider taking on one of the many great physical jobs out there. From construction to labor, there’s something for everyone! Take the first step towards your next career today.

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