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Urogynecologists are trained professionals who deal with women suffering from pelvic floor problems such as incontinence of stress and urge, and uterus, bladder, and cervix prolapse. 

Having the above problems can weaken the pelvic muscles. Not treating them can rupture the pelvic floor during the birth of a child. To address this, a urogynecologist will assist you in all the processes, from examining you to providing the right treatment for your complication. 

Benefits Of Going To A Urogynecologist

Urogynecology in Richmond deals with female pelvic medicine and surgery. Visiting a urogynecologist will help relieve any problems involving your pelvic floor. When the functioning is balanced, you will find relief. 

Is Visiting A Gynecologist Similar To Visiting A Urogynecologist?

A urogynecologist is someone who has a 4-year residency in gynecology and obstetrics after completion of medical school. 

Moreover, he also has a fellowship of 3 years in pelvic medicine for females. Urogynecologists are well-trained experts who have the permission and expertise to go for surgical treatments, too, when needed during pelvic floor disorders. Unlike a gynecologist, urogynecologists have experience and detailed knowledge in the field of the female pelvic floor. 

Understanding Pelvic Floors 

The movement of pelvic muscles allows the bowel and bladder to function properly. During bowel movements, urination, and sexual intercourse, the pelvic muscles relax. When the Pelvic floor dysfunctions, it leads to constipation, back pain, and pain during intercourse. 

1/3 women go through pelvic floor problems. To correct the issue, thirty percent of women have to go through surgery.

Issues With Weak Pelvic Muscles 

If your pelvic muscles are weak and your bladder is abnormally active, you will likely suffer from the pelvic floor. Such problems can give birth to reproductive problems and rectal and bladder incontinence, which means you cannot control the urge to release your waste. Moreover, your lifestyle may get affected. 

As you age, you are likely to experience urinary incontinence and prolapse of the pelvic organ. Almost all women have to experience these after menopause. As soon as your doctor identifies the problem, he will recommend you to a specialist known as a urogynecologist. From here, your life will start to come back on track. 

What Can Lead You To A Urogynecologists? 

If you are standing in a urogynecologists’ clinic, this likely means your pelvic floor is disturbed. 

Staying in touch with your GYN is necessary to track the health of your pelvic floor, as your GYN or physician will have an idea of your medical history and how your pelvic floor responds to certain medications. 

However, it would be best if you go to a urogynecologist as you will only get wise recommendations from a urogynecologist. Your GYN should refer you to a urogynecologist in your area for a better diagnosis when you notice your medication is not working. 

It is essential to visit a urogynecologist when your bladder problems prolapse. After the visit, your doctor might change your medication or recommend surgery.


Please don’t remain silent if you notice any changes in your excretion process or recognize pelvic issues. Doctors understand that you can be anxious or embarrassed about certain pelvic issues. Feeling this way with your doctor is normal as these health issues can be sensitive due to being personal. However, hiding such issues will not benefit you as they must be addressed soon after symptoms appear. Discuss the symptoms with your doctor so they may recommend the next steps. Addressing the pelvic issues earlier will only require some medicines to address them. However, delaying this can lead to surgery.