Sensitive skin is always at risk and extremely vulnerable to fancy products, fragrances, and other accessories. Making one wrong choice regarding a skin care product can take months for your sensitive skin to heal. Let’s see what to avoid if your skin is sensitive. 

Using Harsh Products on Your Skin

It would help if you wore a mild cleanser on your sensitive skin.

What are Harsh Skincare Products?

Harsh skincare products are the ones that have chemicals rather than natural minerals. Adding scentless products to your routine-based skincare for sensitive skin can assist you in maintaining beautiful-looking skin. Ascertain that the cleanser you use is gentle on your skin and doesn’t have fragrance. 

Using Scented Moisturizers 

Use scentless moisturizers instead of scented ones, as scented products can increase the irritation and dryness of the skin because most of them have alcohol and artificial scents in them.

Using Harsh Sunblocks Instead of Mineral Sunblocks

If you have sensitive skin, you should not even think about using a chemical sunblock. Use a mineral-based sunblock instead.

Mineral Sunblocks 

A mineral sunblock contains Zinc and Titanium dioxide. Both prevent UV rays from entering the skin. 

Chemical Sunblocks

Chemical sunblocks are made up of many chemicals that are released with heat. Such sunscreens irritate the skin because there are many elements in them. You can also get acne and rashes if you use chemical sunscreens.

Don’t Go Overboard with Scrubs

Avoid using exfoliating cleansers and face wash as they irritate the skin. Also, use a mild scrub only when needed, as scrubbing harshly can activate your acne. 

Solution for Exfoliation 

Instead of using a cleanser that has granules, use a soft cloth that can remove your dead skin cells. A washcloth will be gentle on the skin as compared to a scrub. 

Avoid Using a lot of Products Altogether

Don’t be the person who wants to test everything whenever new products are launched. Applying many skincare products on the face can start a severe skin reaction. Especially when your skin is sensitive, you can not risk using random skincare products without the consent of your dermatologist. 

The Reason Why Too Many Products Can Harm Your Skin

Using more products on your skin means applying many different types of ingredients. Your skin might not be used to those new ingredients. Maybe some ingredients in a skincare product are not meant to be used with those of other skincare products. 

Many people assume that creams are moisturizers. They randomly use them to treat their dry skin. 

They are unaware that some creams contain harsh chemicals like retinol, glycolic, and lactic acids. Applying them can cause a chemical reaction on your skin.

How to Prevent Using Multiple Products 

Only use mild products for your sensitive skin. Study the materials of the creams you apply. Unless your dermatologist has advised you, don’t use anti-aging or acne treatment ingredients. Go for natural products that don’t irritate the skin. 

Use of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is popular. Essential oils are meant to boost and transform your skin’s glow. However, you must be careful with essential oils as some of them can’t be used all the time.

Oils that have bergamot convert into chemicals when you go in the sunlight. Such oils can start up a photo-allergic effect causing your skin cells to puff up. Moreover, avoiding well-known oils like Tea tree, Citrus, Mint, and Lavender is better. These oils are highly concentrated, so they can only be used by mixing or diluting them in a shampoo. 

Keeping Makeup on for a Long Duration

Makeup blocks the skin cells and prevents them from breathing, causing your skin to suffocate and eventually break out.

Don’t Sleep with Your Makeup On

If you sleep with your makeup on, you can get clogged pores which will cause your skin to break out. When you come home from a hectic day, do not sleep until you have taken your makeup off and cleaned your face well. 


Sensitive skin is not easy to manage, which is why you cannot experiment on your skin. You must be careful before applying a moisturizer, a sunblock, or a cream on your face. Don’t avoid appointments with your dermatologist. Do as your doctor says. Optimistically, you will be capable of coping with your skin well.

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