To start your meal-prepping service, you need to get a lot of preparations done. You might love to cook, but it can all become a reality when you know how to set up a meal-prepping service. A meal-prepping business can become one of the most requested since many working males and females prefer ready-to-cook meals. They are affordable, tasty, and easy to find. In five steps, you can build a meal prep service with ease.

1- Legalize Your Business 

You must save your time and energy by registering your company so that you can run your business hassle-free.

Types of Business Entities

As a starter, you may land under one of the types of business entities. 

  • Sole proprietorship: If you are the only person running the business, it will be known as a proprietorship. All the taxes will be given accordingly.
  • Partnership: If your meal prep business is divided among people who share the profit, it is known as a partnership business.

2- Get Your Business Insured 

It is a wise choice to complete the insurance of your meal-prepping service. It would help if you got the insurance done to protect the place of your setup and the equipment used. 

Benefits of Insurance

Insurance will protect the business from unforeseen losses and back you up if a customer gets food poisoning after eating. Go for general liability insurance, which protects you from high medical fees, lawsuits, and attorney charges. 

However, if you have a setup at home, insurance will be needed to cover the equipment used at home. 

Employees’ Identification Number 

If you have hired helpers for your business, you need an identification number for each employee. Go to a business consultant or a lawyer to explain all the terms and help you with the required insurance.

3- Set Your Budget

You must see how much you need should invest to generate the required profit from each meal. Meal prep setups can be profitable and costly at the same time. It would help if you listed what ingredients to avoid and which ones to get at a lower price and in good quality. 

Importance of Setting a Budget 

Sticking to a budget will assist you in making the proper profit. When you start the business, note down all the costs like preparation, packaging, and shipping. Then see how many profiles you are making. Try eliminating unnecessary expenses. 

Getting Supplies at a Lower Cost

A meal prep business requires a lot of raw materials. It would help if you made arrangements with food packaging manufacturers to save time and cost. 

Make a deal with the suppliers to get quality ingredients daily. To reduce the cost, you can go for bulk buying. But it is not each time for a safe way out. You can talk to a wholesaler and make a deal with him. Just don’t overstock in the beginning. Wait for the results and then bulk buy; otherwise, you might waste money.

4- Make a Business Page Online

If you want to spread the word, make a page online, preferably on Instagram. Use Instagram, link your main website, and keep posting what’s new on the menu. 

Importance of a Website

Before visiting your business physically, customers can quickly go to your website and check out the price and menu. They can also check the deals, which will address most of their queries, saving time. 

The Reach of Your Business

You can decide whether the shipping will be done locally or internationally, depending on your resources. You might want to go for a local business in the earlier days. After saving money, sell your meals worldwide. Find someone who can deliver your meals safely with less transportation cost.

5- Marketing Strategies 

Once you are ready with the business, you need to advertise it so that many customers can know the benefits of purchasing from you. 

How Can You Attract People to Your Meals?

Recognize your objective customers and promote your business correspondingly. As marketing is an essential part of all businesses, it is wise to hire a marketing team if your business is on a big scale. Applying the correct marketing techniques will assist you to reach target customers, and increasing your sales.


Before stepping into any new business, you must research and understand what you must do and should avoid. Learning from other people’s experiences and taking precautions will help you start your meal prep business without hurdles.