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You’ve heard about different types of wedding ceremonies, from traditional church weddings to weddings on the beach. However, have you ever heard of the different types of wedding receptions? The following are some interesting reception options to keep in mind for your upcoming wedding.

  1. Breakfast or Brunch

Who said you have to serve dinner at your reception? If you’re more of a morning person, you might like to serve a nice breakfast or brunch instead.


  • Different menu offerings from dinner, from French toast to eggs
  • Gives you the option to go more casual if you want


  • Would require an early wedding ceremony, unless you have your reception the following morning
  1. Lunch

If you want your wedding to end at a reasonable time, a great wedding reception option would be to have lunch instead of dinner.


  • Tends to be more casual, if that’s the vibe you’re going for
  • Often more affordable than offering dinner
  • Less heavy than dinner


  • Would require a semi-early wedding ceremony
  1. Buffet

Why pick just two or three dishes when you can serve several different items to your guests? The more, the merrier!


  • More varieties of foods
  • Accommodates picky eaters
  • Guests get served relatively quickly
  • Allows people to go back for seconds


  • May be more difficult to decide how much food you’ll need
  • More planning involved (which entrees and sides to offer, placement and organization of the buffet, etc.)
  • Typically requires more food
  • More plates and utensils will be needed
  • Potentially more food waste
  1. Champagne & Hors D’oeuvres

You don’t have to serve a whole meal. It turns out, it’s a “thing” to serve small plates and appetizers, along with champagne! And it can be just as nice and as fancy.


  • Less costs for you
  • Little to no food waste


  • Guest won’t leave with a full stomach
  1. Food Trucks

Food trucks and pop-up eateries are all the rage these days. Offer a yummy meal from your favorite food truck or ethnic eatery with this reception option.


  • No need to hire caterers and bussers
  • Attendees often have the option to choose what they want


  • Some find food trucks too casual for a wedding reception
  • Food trucks can be pricey to rent out
  • Requires guests to go outdoors to get/eat food (not good for bad weather and not an option at some venues)
  1. Dinner

Of course, you can’t forget a dinner wedding reception! A majority of weddings have them, and they’re surely a classic option for one to consider.


  • A traditional option many love
  • Allows you more time in the day to prepare and have your wedding ceremony


  • Dinner wedding receptions may last late into the night
  • A more expensive menu is usually offered for post-wedding dinners

Now that you have an idea of the different types of wedding receptions, it’s time to select a venue. If you want a versatile option, we recommend selecting a superb wedding reception venue Salt Lake City.


Most wedding receptions serve a nice dinner, typically steak or chicken breast. If you’re bored with the typical reception style, there are other great options to amp things up a little. From offering food trucks at your reception to serving breakfast or brunch instead of a traditional dinner, your reception can be unique from the average.

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