Smoke rising from a burning cigar

Looking for unique gifts to show your dad you care? If your dad is a cigar smoker, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of creative and thoughtful gift ideas that your cigar-loving dad will appreciate. From personalized accessories to luxurious items, here are some great gift ideas for the cigar-loving dad. 

Humidor Set

A humidor set is one of the essential items every cigar smoker needs. This set includes a high-quality wooden box with a special humidifying device inside that maintains humidity levels so cigars stay fresh and flavorful. It also includes dividers to keep different types of cigars separate. You can find various sizes and styles available, or even personalize it with Dad’s initials or favorite saying.

Cigar Accessories

Another great gift idea is a set of custom cigar accessories like an ashtray, lighter, cutter, and other tools he may need. These items come in many styles and materials, so you can pick something that fits his personality best. For example, if he likes classic cars you can get him an ashtray shaped like a vintage car engine, or if he loves music get him a guitar-shaped lighter. Or why not combine both options with an ashtray made from the body of an old guitar? The possibilities are endless!

Cigar Lighters & Cutters 

Another great gift option for the cigar-loving dad is a quality lighter or cutter. Whether he prefers soft flame lighters or torch lighters, there are plenty of options available on the market today. Quality cutters also come in many shapes and sizes; be sure to choose one that has sharp blades to ensure clean cuts every time. 

Cigar Sampler Boxes

If your dad is always trying out new cigars then sampling boxes are perfect for him! These boxes come with several different types of cigars from different brands that he can try out at his leisure. They’re usually packaged in beautiful boxes which makes them ideal for gifting. He’ll be sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift as it allows him to explore new flavors while still enjoying his favorites as well!  A perfect place to find various samples of these cigars would be at local places like WorkPlay.

Finding the perfect gift for your cigar-loving father doesn’t have to be difficult—there are plenty of creative options out there that will show how much you care about him! Whether it’s a personalized humidor set, custom accessories, or even just a sampler box full of cigars, any one of these gifts would make great Father’s Day presents (or any other day!). So don’t hesitate—show your dad how much you appreciate him by getting him something special this year!