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As an elderly homeowner, having a properly working HVAC system is critical for helping you to stay safe when outdoor temperatures hit extreme highs and lows. While you might have had an HVAC unit installed in your home before, you’ll find that modern materials and systems offer more than ever before regarding energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. Using this guide to prep for a proper HVAC installation helps you get the most from your investment.

Know When to Repair Vs. Replace a System

When you’re living on a fixed budget, you might prefer to stretch the life span of major appliances in your home for as long as possible. Many common HVAC issues are fixable when you work with a company that has the equipment and experience to complete repairs. However, there will eventually come a time when repairing a unit is no longer possible. Working with a trustworthy contractor helps you feel more confident about taking their advice when they suggest a replacement.

Ask How to Improve Energy Efficiency

Even the best HVAC system in the world won’t do much to cool or heat a home if there are significant issues with ductwork and insulation in your home. Steve Patrick Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc is one of the many companies that recommend inspecting each component of the system in your home. In many cases, it is possible to rebuild or repair ductwork, add insulation or upgrade to more efficient windows to maximize the efficiency of your home’s system. Adding new insulation during the HVAC installation could help you save money over time.

Inquire About Split Systems

Older adults who no longer have children living at home often use only a portion of their house. If you fall into this category, then you could be wasting money heating and cooling rooms that you hardly use. Special split systems are an option that could allow you to only change the temperature in the parts of your home that matter the most. These systems can be custom designed to fit your lifestyle so that you can easily shut off cooling in a room until guests arrive for a visit.

Finish Up By Learning About Maintenance

Before you sign off on an installation project, you’ll want to make sure that you understand how to keep it running. Qualified professionals should take the time to explain to you where and how to change the air filters. They’ll also recommend a schedule for inspections and seasonal maintenance. Learning how to care for your new HVAC system helps to extend its life span, and it helps you avoid common issues that could leave you exposed to unsafe living conditions.

Exploring your options for a new HVAC unit helps you to create a custom plan that fits your every need. Whether you rarely use certain rooms or sense that your older home lacks proper insulation, communicating these concerns to an HVAC professional helps them to find solutions that make your house more comfortable during every season.