If you are a dentist who offers dental implant surgery to your patients, you know just how important this procedure can be to giving your patients a much better quality of life. Yet like many dental practices, you likely have the decision to make as to whether you want to have an in-house lab for printing your dental implants, or instead, have them outsourced. To make sure you make the right decision for your practice, here are some things you should always consider along the way.

Customized Options

One of the biggest benefits you can offer your patients if you choose to do your dental implant printing in-house is an increased level of customization. Since you will be the person who is actually seeing your patients, talking with them, and understanding what they want and need, an in-house lab means you can offer them customization options that an off-site lab may not offer.

Turnaround Time

When your patients at Lighthouse Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are approved for dental implant surgery, they of course want to get started as fast as possible. If you have an in-house lab, you can almost always guarantee a much quicker turnaround time than you could if dental implant printing is outsourced. Since you won’t have to worry about shipping times, you may even be able to offer same-day printing of dental implants.

Lower Cost to Patients

If you choose to handle everything in-house regarding dental implants, this means you should be able to give your patients a lower overall cost for this service. When dental implant printing is outsourced, you may find yourself having to pay shipping, handling, and processing fees, all of which are costs usually passed onto patients at some point.

Improved Customer Service

Finally, printing dental implants in-house should mean you can offer your patients a much better level of customer service in numerous areas. For example, should a patient experience an issue with their dental implants, you will have on-site professionals who can talk with your patient and get issues resolved as quickly as possible. In addition, having an in-house lab will mean there will be no mix-ups or other problems in terms of shipping delays or having a patient’s dental implants get damaged during shipping.

Though it will be your choice as to whether you rely on outsourcing for dental implants or choose to have an in-house lab, your ultimate goal is to provide your patients with excellent customer service. By taking everything mentioned here into consideration, chances are you will choose in-house printing over outsourcing.