You’ve decided to open your very own cafe! Congratulations, now it’s time to make sure that the food you serve is delicious. After all, this is what will set your cafe apart from other local establishments. To get started, here are some items to consider adding to your cafe menu. 

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are always a crowd pleaser and can easily be adapted to meet different dietary needs. Start with a classic, like scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese in a flour tortilla. Then add some heat with hot sauce or diced jalapenos for those who want an extra kick! For vegetarians, try swapping out the bacon for sautéed mushrooms and peppers. As an added bonus, breakfast burritos are relatively inexpensive and easy to make in bulk. 


Smoothies offer customers something refreshing and sweet without the guilt of indulging in sugary treats. Start by choosing a few different smoothie bases like orange juice, coconut milk, or almond milk—whatever you think will taste best with your ingredients. Then choose some fruits and vegetables like strawberries, mangoes, spinach, kale…the possibilities are endless! Finally add any additional flavors like peanut butter or protein powder for an extra boost of energy. Smoothies can also be customized depending on customer preferences so everyone can enjoy their own unique blend. 

Sandwiches and Wraps 

Sandwiches and wraps are a great option for those looking for something more filling than just a snack or soup but less heavy than an entrée. Start by deciding what kind of bread you’re going to use—whole grain? Sourdough? Rye? Kaiser rolls? Then think about toppings: grilled chicken? Bacon? Lettuce? Tomatoes? And finally don’t forget the condiments! Mayo? Mustard? Hot sauce? All these elements come together to create the perfect sandwich or wrap that’s packed with flavor and texture. 

Adding these items to your menu is just the start of creating your perfect cafe menu. Don’t forget about salads, soups, entrees, desserts , drinks (iced coffee, perhaps?), etc. There are so many delicious options out there – it’s up to you how you want to design your ideal cafe menu. Get creative and have fun crafting dishes that will tantalize taste buds while staying true to your vision of deliciousness.