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In recent years, lash extensions have become more popular than anyone could have imagined way back when the technique was first developed. It is both an art as well as a science and today’s women are lining up by the dozens to get appointments with certified lash extension technicians in their local area. In fact, many women are willing to drive the entire length of England to get an appointment with a highly recommended lash extension artist because that’s exactly what they are – artists. If you are looking for something that will be as much a passion as it is a career, lash extension training may be just the thing for you. Check out these four reasons why.

1. No License Needed

This is something that may be a bit misconstrued. Although you don’t need a license to do lash extensions, you will need qualifications if you intend to go into business for yourself. This isn’t because of UK laws but rather the business insurance you will need to carry. Bear in mind that an insurer will want to minimise risk and since the eyes are an extremely sensitive part of the body, formal lash extension training would be required by the insurance company. An onsite lash extension course like that offered at the Lash and Brow Studio in Bristol  can be completed in one single day. However, you will need to return with a model after a week or two to practice before being tested and qualified.

2. A Service in High Demand

As mentioned above, it is a service that is in high demand because of how natural lash extensions appear to be. There are two basic methods, along with a combination of the two. The first method of lash training involves applying an individual extension to a single eyelash. The second method goes for a fuller fan-like look in which two to six individual extensions are applied to a single lash. Then there is the third, or hybrid method that is a combination of the two.

3. A Lucrative Career

Being as in-demand as this service is, you can build a lucrative career in a relatively short period of time. Some lash extension artists work from their home, others work in studios and others yet travel to where their clients happen to be. This is often the case when working with clients who live in remote areas or are getting ready for a wedding or photo shoot. If you are ambitious, the sky is the limit!

4. On-Site and Online Courses Available

If you live near the training studio in a suburb of Bristol, you might prefer the on-site lash extension training course. This was mentioned above in that it is just one day in duration with a return in a week or so to work with a model of your choosing. The class instruction kit will include a mannequin but for the final qualifying ‘test,’ you will work on a live model.

There is also an online lash training course that you can do fully from your own home and if your time is limited or you live too great a distance from the studio, this option is open to you. In either case, there are so many reasons why the time is now. Lash extensions are all the rage so now is the time to build that clientele. Are you ready for a rewarding career? If so, you have at least four reasons to learn lash extension in the new year.