How super cute are Corgis?! These are sweet, patient, compact, loving, and smart dogs. Maybe that is why many folks around the globe choose these beautiful, four-legged companions to bring awesomeness to their lives. Late Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi Willow was always by her side. Dog specialists are sharing their tips on how to keep your Corgi amused all winter long.

1. Watch Television

Dog behaviorist Cesar Milan says dogs are like human beings when it comes to TV. Yes, even pooches enjoy watching television. Turn it on, and let them tune in. Your Corgi may be entertained by watching other dogs. Try the channel Animal Planet.

Milan says that some dogs also relax by viewing sports shows, nature programs or even calming music shows on TV.

2. Sit By The Window

Your royal dog will love taking a seat by the window to watch the world go by. All you need is an area high enough for your furry friend to look out the window and a good view such as the street or backyard.

Corgis are also excellent watchdogs because of their attentive nature and are very protective of their owners.

3. Arrange A Scavenger Hunt

Another way to keep your Corgi inside entertained during wintertime is by creating fun games where treats are the prize. These dogs love a wonderful scavenger hunt and have the intelligence to search and find what you have hidden around the home.

You can conceal some kibble, peanut butter, and other yummy treats for your pooch stuffed in toys or in little piles where your Corgi hangs out.

There are also puzzle toys you can buy. These furry companions will use their instincts, brains, and agility to solve the puzzle and sniff out the kibble waiting for them inside.

4. Play With New Toys

Corgi puppies are such beautiful animals, and they grow into amazing adult dogs. Your pooch will be thrilled with some new toys, especially chew toys. It’s no secret that dogs use their mouths to taste and chew to explore their world.

Your pup will look forward to chewing on a new toy that can bounce, for example, and provide an appealing texture that also supports good dog dental hygiene.

5. Set Up A Pup Play Date

Generally, Corgis are sociable and get along well with other dog breeds. If you have a dog your pup knows well and enjoys their company, then, set up a doggie play date once a week inside your home during the winter season.

Your pooch will have some canine companionship and look forward to this fun routine. Animal experts say that if your Corgi is introduced to other dogs at a young age, then, they’ll get along seamlessly with other pets later in life.

6. Teach Some New Tricks

Those who own Corgis know that these pint-sized dogs are very trainable and bright and pick up new things fast. Teach your pup some new tricks because they will amaze you with their ability and determination to succeed.

For instance, in just about 10 minutes, your Corgi can learn to sit, fetch, shake and jump, etc. Have some fun as your Corgi possesses excellent herder instincts, and this breed often excels in dog competitions.

7. Hit The Treadmill

You will fall in love with your Corgi’s little paws clacking as it walks on the treadmill for exercise. It is considered a healthy indoor workout, especially for this active dog breed.

Start off slowly so that your pooch can get used to the sound of the treadmill and how it operates. Once your Corgi becomes familiar with the treadmill, you can create a challenging workout by amping up the speed.

8. Play Tug Of War

Dogs have a predatory nature, and Corgis have lots of energy to burn. They will have a blast playing a good game of tug of war with you. It’s a fab game that strengthens the human-canine bond.

Corgis are such cool dogs, and they give back so much to their owners. The list above will help you keep your Corgi entertained throughout the winter season with mental and physical stimulation.