A person shoveling snow

Living in an area with substantial snowfall throughout the year means having to consistently clear it from busy areas on your property. While it’s a common occurrence during the winter months, that doesn’t make it any less difficult for you to deal with. The good news? There are plenty of strategies you can employ to make removing snow easier for you and your team. Here are five ways to make snow removal less of a hassle.

1. Preparation Is Key: Get Ahead of the Snow

Getting prepared ahead makes removing snow that much simpler. But what are you supposed to do? When you know that an especially snowy winter is coming, prepare by salting driveways and walkways before the first snowfall, adding stakes around areas you need to clear (for overwhelming amounts of snow), and putting all of your tools in a convenient place so you can access them immediately.

2. Find the Right Tools for the Job

Speaking of tools, there are several items you should have on hand to expedite the snow removal process. This includes:

  • An Ergonomic Shovel: Shoveling snow can put a major strain on your back. An ergonomic shovel will keep you comfortable while you do the job.
  • Sand or Kitty Litter: Slippery snow and ice are major safety hazards. Eliminate the risk by sprinkling sand or kitty litter over areas you need to shovel to create friction between your boots and the surface.
  • A Roof Rake: Your driveway and walkways aren’t the only areas you need to focus on. Using a roof rake defends your roof against cracks and total collapse.
  • An Ice Scraper or Sidewalk Scraper: Getting rid of snow can be simple. However, you’ll need to consider ice removal as well. An ice scraper or sidewalk scraper helps you remove ice from various areas and objects.
  • Pam: Do you find it difficult to get the snow off of your shovel? Spraying a little pam on it can prevent the snow from sticking. Just make sure to clean it off afterward!

With the right tools on hand, removing snow will be fairly easy.

3. Use Tarps or Snow Melt Mats to Streamline Your Efforts

If you only expect an inch of snow, the last thing you want to have to do is break out every tool you own to take care of it. This is where tarps come in. Simply lay a tarp down across your driveway or walkways before it snows, then remove it once it has finished snowing. If there’s going to be more than an inch, you can use snow melt mats. These useful tools can melt snow relatively quickly. This makes it so that you have less of a mess to deal with once winter arrives.

4. Too Much Snowfall? Use a Blower

Densely packed snow requires shoveling. But if you have light and fluffy snow that’s barely covering the surface, that doesn’t require as much work. This type of snow can be easily cleared with a leaf blower. If you don’t have a leaf blower, feel free to get creative. People leverage a wide range of tools on hand, whether that means breaking out their wet/dry vacuum to help them do the job or even a dedicated snow blower. If you’re looking to save some time and hassle, technology is almost always the correct response.

5. Enlist the Help of Snow Removal Professionals

All of the tips so far focus on things that you and your team can leverage to get rid of snow more effectively. But there’s a much easier solution: employing commercial snow removal services. With the support of commercial snow removal services, you ensure the job is getting done correctly, improve the overall safety of your organization, and keep your business open during periods of heavy snowfall (especially if you don’t have the tools).


Dealing with snow every winter is a hassle. However, there are ways to navigate it more effectively. Use the tips in the guide above to keep your property clear of snow the next time you encounter it!