A newly renovated home should be a dream come true. It is an opportunity to create the space you’ve always wanted and put your stamp on your living space. However, keeping your newly renovated home sparkling is not always easy. From paint stains to scuff marks and everything in between, there are many hurdles to jump before you can finally relax in your newly transformed home. The following tips can help you maintain the look and feel of your brand-new space.

1. Vacuum Everything

No matter how often you vacuumed the space before the renovation, you should vacuum it again after the job is complete. Don’t forget to clean upholstered furniture, ceiling fans, and picture frames.

The biggest reason to vacuum everything is that it will remove any debris from your newly painted walls, floors, and cabinets. If seams are in the wall, use a paint scraper to remove the excess paint before it hardens.

2. Clean Windows to Brighten the Space

Windows are the first thing people notice when they walk into a room. If your windows are streaked with dirt and grime, it’s easy for the whole space to look dirty, even if it isn’t. Make sure to clean your windows before putting up any new curtains or blinds. Numerous convenient and economical window cleaning products are available on the market today. You may consider purchasing a DIY window cleaning kit with a squeegee, soft cloths, and sticky tabs. Using glass protective coatings is another convenient way that can help you achieve clean surfaces, including countertops, sinks, and windows. A glass protective coating can prevent hard water stains on shower doors and on your home’s windows.

3. Deep Clean the Carpet

Another quick cleaning fix you can do is to ensure your carpet is clean. You should remove furniture from the room and vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Be sure to work to the edges of the room and under pieces of furniture. A professional carpet cleaning company can also help you clean your carpets.

This will help you ensure indoor air quality by removing allergens, bacteria, and visible stains on your carpet. You also avoid the risk of ruining your new carpet by using the wrong cleaning products or techniques. The professional cleaner will have the right tools, products, and plans to make the process safe and easy.

When it comes to flooring in your home, it is essential to keep up the appearance of your hardwood floors or vinyl flooring. You can also periodically apply a water-based finish to your flooring surfaces which will help prevent dust from settling in. You can also consider furnishing your wooden furniture and floor to give your home a contemporary look.

4. Keep Scuffs and Stains to a Minimum

Scuff marks on a newly redone home can look unsightly and ruin the overall appearance of your house. For example, scuff marks on the carpet will leave you with a visible outline of the carpeted area. Scuff marks can be challenging to remove because, most of the time, they are permanent. You can apply a bit of wax or polish to protect the floor’s surface, which will help avoid scratches. You can also try placing furniture pads underneath the legs or feet of heavy items such as beds or dressers.


Although a lot of work is involved in maintaining a newly renovated home, it is well worth the hard work. Cleaning products can do much to help you maintain your home. However, you should avoid using corrosive products which can discolor or degrade surfaces. Your newly renovated home is a space that reflects your personality and taste. By following these cleaning tips, you can enjoy the look and feel of a fresh new space for years to come.