Online schooling has emerged as a popular solution when schools are struggling to keep kids engaged and on track academically. But with so many distractions at home, it can be hard to keep them focused. Below are some tips to help keep your kids focused during online schooling.

Create a Strict Schedule

One of the best ways to keep your kids focused during online schooling is to create a strict schedule and stick to it. This will help them know when it’s time to focus on their studies and when they can take breaks. Make sure to include plenty of time for breaks between classes, so they don’t get too overwhelmed.

Set Up a Dedicated Study Space

Another way to keep your kids focused during online schooling is to set up a dedicated study space. This should be a quiet area where they can sit and focus on their work without distractions. If possible, try to separate it from the areas where they relax and play so they can associate it with learning.

Limit Screen Time

One of the biggest distractions for kids during online schooling is screen time. To help limit this, set strict limits on how much time they can spend on screens daily. This includes all devices such as computers, tablets, phones, and television. Make sure to include time for breaks in between so they don’t get too overwhelmed.

Encourage Physical Activity

Another way to help keep your kids focused during online schooling is by encouraging them to get up and move around frequently. This can help them release energy and stay focused on their work. Make sure to schedule some time for physical activity each day, whether going for a walk or playing a game.

Make Learning Fun

One of the best ways to keep your kids engaged during online schooling is to make learning fun. There are many ways to do this, such as incorporating games into lesson plans or using creative teaching methods. You can also try offering rewards for completed tasks or good behavior to motivate them.

Making learning fun doesn’t have to be complicated – sometimes, simply changing up the routine can make a big difference. For example, an institution like Agora Cyber Charter School works hard to make the curriculum interactive so students want to learn, not just because they have to. This way, when students are home, they feel like they’re part of a community and not just doing schoolwork.


Following the tips above can help your kids stay focused during online schooling. Creating a schedule, setting up a dedicated study space, and making learning fun are all great ways to keep them engaged. Just remember to be patient and understand that it may take time for them to adjust to this new way of learning.