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When you get a new puppy, things are going to happen. Some people expect it to be rainbows and sunshine all of the time, but this is simply not the case. It’s like having a new baby, except this one is furry and you didn’t have to go through the whole pregnancy and birthing process. However, your new pup will be a member of the family and should be treated as such, which means that no matter what issues you face, you’ve got to meet them head on. In order to be prepared for what life with a new pup might be like, we’ve written this article that sets out some of the issues that you might experience. Keep reading down below if you would like to know more about them.


The first is that there are bound to be accidents. Like when you’re potty training a toddler, you’ve got to remain patient and understanding. The pup does not yet know that it’s supposed to do its business on the mat that you are providing, and then outside when they are fully toilet trained, so you’ve got to give them some grace here. Some dogs learn faster than others, and if you happen to have a slow learning, then as frustrating as it might be, you’ve just got to stick with it. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but you will get through it.

The only thing that you can do is keep encouraging them to go on the mat or outside, and make sure that you have pet spray on hand. Ensure that you’ve got the correct spray for carpets if you have them, otherwise you might end up with some undesirable stains. 


New pups are full of energy, and they don’t yet know that there are certain things they can play with, and certain things that they cannot. As such, you will often find that a new pup has the tendency to destroy things in the beginning. That being said, this is not true for all of them. Some pups don’t destroy anything, whereas others will go for anything that they can get their teeth into.

Some of the common things that puppies will destroy are fluffy cushions as they are an easy target, and don’t be surprised if you find bite or scratch marks on the legs of wooden furniture. While this can be incredibly annoying because you want your new pup to stop destroying your stuff, you’ve just gotta make it through. Stand firm when you tell them no, and make sure that they understand what they have done is wrong. Eventually, they will get the message and they will calm down.

We will mention that sometimes dogs do this if they are feeling anxious about something. So, if this has happened but has never been a problem before, then it’s certainly worth considering.

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Sleep Woes

Some pups struggle to sleep at night. This will usually happen because they have been taken away from their mother and miss them dearly. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a brand new puppy to cry at night. One of the ways that you handle this is by giving them a fluffy toy with a ticking clock inside. A ticking clock will replicate the sound of their mother’s heartbeat and provide them with comfort throughout the right. 

Pups also struggle to sleep through the night because they have to go to the bathroom repeatedly. There’s no way around this because even if you put pads down a pup won’t do their business where they sleep. Instead, you’ll need to make sure that you do listen out for them. Like a new parent, you’ll also need to learn the difference between cries for a wee and cries for attention. They can be quite difficult to distinguish between at first but eventually, you’ll notice the subtle changes. 

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Diet Trouble

Some dogs have particularly sensitive stomachs, while others are happy to eat pretty much anything. There are specific types of food that you can purchase for dogs that have problems with digestion, or those that get allergic reactions when they eat certain foods. It’s important that you are keeping an eye on what your puppy is eating so that you know if they are struggling with something specific. 

Make sure that you know the list of foods that are dangerous for dogs to consume as well so that you can keep them away. This includes things like onions, grapes, chocolate and so much more as each of these is toxic to your new pup.

Getting Them To Wear A Leash

In the beginning, a lot of dogs are resistant to things such as wearing a leash as it threatens their independence. Nobody wants to be put on a lead and controlled like this, especially when the leash goes around your throat which is the most vulnerable part of your body. You’ve got to try and keep in mind that dogs will act on instinct, and their instinct is not to let anything get around their throat. It’s your job to teach them that it’s safe to let you do this, and that it’s for their own safety

If putting the leash on to take them for a walk isn’t working, then you need to try doing this at home randomly as well. Get them used to wearing it, and show them that nothing bad is going to happen once you put it on. It might take a while, so you’ve just got to be persistent and consistent with this. That is what dogs need above all else, and eventually you will see the results you’re looking for with them walking on a leash.

Listening To Commands 

Getting a new pup to listen to your commands is much like trying to get a toddler to do the same thing. On some days you’re going to feel like banging your head against the closest wall as they simply don’t want to listen, and on other days things are going to go absolutely fine. If you’re struggling to get your puppy to listen to commands, then we recommend signing up for puppy training online so that you can get some professional help.

There are a number of ways to train your new dog, with some of them being outdated and old, while others are new and effective. Getting the help of a professional might really be the push that you need to be more firm with your dog. Keep in mind that a lot of people find it really difficult to be strict when they are so cute, but it’s what you’ve got to do so that they know who the boss is.

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We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the issues that you can run into when you have a new pup. It’s not always the easiest thing in the world to handle, and we know that for some people it’s too much stress which is why you need to think carefully before you bring a dog into your home. This dog will be a part of your family, so you’ve got to be willing to put up with all of the things that we have discussed above if you’re going to bring a new furry little friend into your house. We wish you the very best of luck with your new family member, and encourage you to take a breath when you experience any of these issues.