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SEO is on everyone’s lips and has been for a long time. It’s not just a trend but the backbone of a strong business plan. The need for high-quality SEO services is at an all-time high. 

And while there are some steps you can take to understand and work on your SEO, you should. To get the absolute best from your work, marketing and more, you must take the time to check what you can do SEO. Or, at the very least, understand what the company you choose for your SEO services will do and why. 

If you have yet to dedicate time and money to your SEO or have a new project you are toying with, here are a couple of reasons that SEO should be something you invest in. 

In no specific order, since each point is important, here is why your business needs SEO. 

SEO is here to stay

Your customers will always need your services and products, and you will always need the most cost-effective way to do it. SEO will change in the future, and strategies will need to be adapted to include apps, wearable, voice search and more. 

So, having a plan in place will help your business move with the times and support your customers and clients as you move forward. 

Zero-sum game 

When you ask Google a question, you now see the answer at the top of the search before you need to click on anything. A nightmare for businesses that have the answers, the products and the solutions but aren’t on page one. 

Users don’t need to click on a website to get the necessary information unless they want to double-check. 

The first three positions on organic search are the most valuable, and to get there; you need to make sure that you are putting a full focus on SEO to get there. 


When SEO starts being implemented, you are going to uncover so many ways that you can deliver information and your goods to potential customers. Your SEO team, as part of their audits and work, will highlight many opportunities that you can take advantage of. 

The deeper you understand what people are looking for and the answers they need, the more you can cater to them. 

And you might come across some keywords that you might not have previously considered. 

That’s precisely why you want to level up your keyword research skills. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of relying on their intuition and product knowledge to select keywords. In reality, your audience may be using other search terms. Not sure how to pick the best terms for your SEO? This advanced keyword research and monitoring guide explains the scientific process behind researching, selecting, and tracking the right keywords. 

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Those who run a business know that one of the most important things when it comes to goal setting is that everything is quantifiable. Everything can be tracked, measured and understood. 

Connecting all of the dots of metrics isn’t always easy, but with an SEO team on board, you can check which actions users are taking in correlation to what metric – and, more importantly, the why behind it. 


SEO is going to be around forever, or at least some form of it. And, so is your business – or that is the idea anyway. SEO makes an impact after about six months, but your actions will keep growing, and you will have an impact that lasts years. 

What you do now will make your business successful in the future, thanks to SEO. You’ll see an impact by following some simple best-practice SEO techniques. 

Public Relations 

Everything you put into the world should be with the idea that your brand reputation is improved or cemented. SEO is public relations – people are searching millions of times daily for what you do, what you sell and information. 

Keep your website fresh with news, and you will likely see more organic traffic. SEO used to feel more like a silo, out on its own but integrated with PR and content; it has a much bigger impact. 


Some things you do in your company will cost a lot, and you don’t feel like you got anything from it. Without a proper understanding of the time it takes, SEO can often feel expensive – and that nothing is happening. But, since the benefit will last for years, it is one of the most cost-effective things you can invest in for your business. Bringing customers year on year. 

Buying cycles 

Real-time research plays a big role in the importance of SEO, which means that SEO is working in real-time in some respects. You offer something other people don’t, your deals are right here and right now; you respond to search trends with immediacy, and research is the driving force behind it. 

But you can’t follow trends at speed unless you have SEO highlighting the way, and changing buying cycles can only be done with research and SEO. 

Local SEO

Local search is fundamental to SEO and can increase the success of small and medium businesses by miles. 

Local SEO ensures that you will be optimised for a specific area. So when people search for lavender, potatoes, a hairdresser or a copywriter in your area, you’re going to come up in the search results. Local SEO is an incredibly powerful tool. 

User Experience 

If your user experience is poor, people will leave your website and go elsewhere. Why should they spend money and time on your website when you can’t make it easy to navigate? 

The optimal UX is a huge part of having a higher organic rank on Google search. Google has learned how to navigate websites, look for good or bad user experience markers, and rank yours according to those, just as much as the content. 

Organic is King, Queen and Jester

Organic search is more likely to get a sale, capture leads, and convert new buyers to loyal customers. Organic traffic is the largest part of almost all website traffic, and SEO capitalises on that potential. 

Organic traffic means that your SEO has worked to speak directly to your intended audience, and the content that you have or the products are what they are looking for. This is one of the biggest indicators of success. 

Aside from your SEO, you are going to employ countless other marketing techniques to ensure you have a regular flow of readers and buyers; here are more tips for your marketing: Marketing Strategies To Try For Your Business – Erica R. Buteau