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One of the biggest changes all new parents face is the impact the new addition has on their relationship with their partner. As they grow older, this doesn’t become any easier. Life changes, and that’s a fact, but there are small things you can do for each other here and there to keep the romance alive. The days of grand gestures may be on pause, especially while the baby is so small, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice every aspect you once loved about your partnership. So, here are some ways to keep the feelings of love alive and kicking and find peace in the new order of things. 

Use Your Words

What is one thing we always say to our kids? Use your words! Well, the same is applicable to adults too. It can be easy to slip out of the habit of saying ‘I love you’ or ‘you look nice today’ or ‘thank you for doing that thing I asked you to do’. So, don’t. Keep that habit glowing strong by nurturing it and even if you have to set yourself a physical reminder, take time out of that busy, fast-paced day to send your partner some positive verbal energy. This is a strong way of nurturing emotional intimacy, self-esteem, and value. 


Similarly, it can be so hard to listen to one another or feel like you are being listened to when you introduce another human into the mix. Needs change and so do routines and it is easy for one person to feel undervalued, left behind, and like they are not as high on the order of affection as they used to be. All these feelings are perfectly normal, but that doesn’t make them easy. Take time to listen to your partner, about their day, about their problems and such, and simply offer your ear. Sometimes, saying nothing is all your relationship needs to feel validated and heard. 

Small Gestures

Small gestures like a thoughtful gift or remembering to put the hot water on mean the most when times are stressful, and sleep is lacking. Splitting your attention in so many directions means that the little things that used to be commonplace like visiting the local flower shop and bringing home a bouquet are just forgotten about. Avoid this, where possible and if it has disappeared bring it back! Plenty of local companies like this Bristol flower shop do local flower deliveries too so you don’t even have to physically go to the store. These Bristol flowers are not the only option out there, so search around and remember that the small things sometimes mean the most. 

Children are a wonderful addition, and often teach us so much about ourselves and bring us a newfound peace we never knew we needed. That doesn’t mean that our relationship with a partner has to be sacrificed. There are lots of ways to nurture the two simultaneously and keep that magic spark that brought you together for those babies in the first place as important as it was the day you met.