You may not know this, but the way in which you make and receive phone calls has changed drastically in the last decade. Not only do you now have the option to use wireless devices and VoIP softphones but traditional landlines are being phased out. To learn more about why VoIP softphones are taking over the business world, keep reading!

VoIP and Business World

For businesses that want to save money, eliminate overages and make the most of their telecom infrastructure, all of the pieces are coming together for a more efficient communication world. Gone are the days when phone service was only for landlines – now a powerful and affordable softphone app can bring VoIP telephone service to any device. Many employees use softphones from home or work, which means they’re never out of touch with colleagues. Softphones also offer lower-cost calls (a subscription costs about $10 per month) and more flexibility. 

All it takes is one click on a computer screen to place a call from anywhere in the world at no additional charge, bypassing high international roaming rates typically associated with cell phones. While you may be paying less for your monthly service, you may be spending less time talking because conversations last longer than traditional mobile-to-mobile connections.

 And since VoIP softphones offer unlimited calling within the U.S., this kind of technology makes life easier while providing a competitive edge in business today. With so many benefits, there’s no question why VoIP will continue to take over the business world. 

The ability to have a reliable connection without having access to WiFi, the affordability of softphones compared to other types of phone services, the convenience factor, and ease of use are just some reasons why people like using VoIP for their company needs. More importantly, these features make communication much more seamless between coworkers.

Advice for Small Businesses

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides you with cost-effective communication solutions to get your business going. VoIP Softphone like Joon, MagicJack, and CallCentric provides access to local, toll-free, and long-distance calling. On top of that, a good VoIP service provides conferencing abilities, faxing abilities, and emergency call availability. 
  • VoIP Softphones have been used in many small businesses for years because they’re inexpensive and simple to use. They allow employees who work from home or different offices to have phone access to their computers, so there’s no need for a phone line in every office. 
  • These VoIP services can also be offered as an optional plan to other employers. You can find more information about how VoIP softphones can benefit your company at Joon. The benefits of VoIP softphones are invaluable and it only takes minutes to set up your account. Try it out today! 
  •  One thing you should remember when starting any business is to keep your expenses low and manageable. When looking for VoIP Softphones and business phone systems, try looking around first to see what fits best for your needs before purchasing anything. Research any available packages first, compare features and find prices before committing.

Advice for Enterprise Customers

VoIP has a broad range of enterprise customers, including schools, government organizations, retail stores, and restaurants. You can’t just pick up any old phone system for your business phone service though. With that in mind, here are some important questions to consider before choosing a VoIP softphone for your business.

1) Does my business offer live customer service? 

2) Do I need advanced call routing features? 

3) Am I confident about handling installation and maintenance myself? 4) Is it easy to add users to my account when we grow or hire new employees?

Choosing a business phone system should be considered an investment, not an expense. Be sure you choose wisely so you’re able to optimize productivity with your business phone service!

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In addition to these advanced features, Joon provides users with virtual office functionality which allows them to access contact lists from any device – all without having to be onsite or near their desks. If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet powerful option for your business needs, then don’t hesitate to reach out!