When you are in the process of house hunting, the house itself will naturally be your top priority. Yet while looking at various homes, you should also pay close attention to the neighborhood where the home is located. After all, it won’t do you much good to find your dream home if it is located in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. To make sure your dream home and its neighborhood both meet your expectations, look for these key features within your potential new neighborhood.

Neighborhood Safety

In today’s world, you should always make safety a top priority when it comes to selecting a home and area in which to live. If you find a house you like, look for such safety features as plenty of street lights, signs that indicate a neighborhood watch program exists, and its proximity to police and other first responders.

Parks and Paths

Once you buy a new home, you want to have plenty of places in and around your neighborhood that you can visit and relax from time to time. Therefore, always choose a home in a neighborhood that contains parks, dog parks, and lots of walking and bike paths. If you have pets, kids, or both, you will quickly come to appreciate having these conveniences only a short distance away.

Other Homes for Sale

As you consider buying a home in a neighborhood, make note of whether there are many other new homes for sale as well. If it is a new neighborhood, this is quite common. However, if the neighborhood is already well-established, this could indicate possible problems. If you see one home after another for sale, ask the real estate agent for additional details.

Nearby Stores and Schools

Finally, you should try to select a home in a neighborhood that has plenty of stores, pharmacies, and schools nearby. In doing so, you will know that when you need to go shopping, you won’t have to spend lots of time driving a long distance. By having schools nearby, you will also know your kids can attend school close to home, and may even be able to walk to and from school each day.

Along with these important features, also look for such things as nearby restaurants and how long your daily commute will be to and from work. Once you find a home and neighborhood that have everything you need, you and your family will be eager to close the deal, sign on the dotted line, and start moving into your new home.